Monday, December 1, 2014

Helping a Pirate Find Treasure

Wooooooooowwwww, what a fast week. I cant believe that I am sitting here writing again. This week might have been the fastest week of my mission so far. I think its because me and my companion have been working so hard this week! We seriously went ham this week!!! A lot of things happened so let me just fill you in on what is going on with the our work here in "THE PARTE." So first off, I love this work!! I literally get to talk to people all day long. It's freaking awesome. I love it. Like it's my job to talk to people. how cool is that? But also right now it's weird. I'm teaching all kids.  We have five baptism dates and four of them are with kids 13 and younger! I just have a connection with those kids I guess.  I love teaching kids. They are sooo pure and fun! We should have a baptism every week this month, so that is so cool! I'm sooo pumped and grateful for the success we are having here in "THE PARTE." 

Ok, so this week I had a couple of really cool experiences and some funny ones too. I'll start off with the spiritual.  This is the legend of "CAP'N JACK." It's an amazing story about one of my best friends named Enrique, who is a PIRATE!! So the story starts out one night in the great country of Chile at 9:15 p.m., as me and my companion are walking home after a long days work. As we are walking home I see a man across the street with his two kids and I had a strong feeling that I needed to talk to him, so I went over and talked to him. At this time in my mission I couldn't speak or understand very well, but I knew that I needed to talk with him. As we started talking, I quickly noticed he was dressed in all this pirate garb, and he even had a hook . . . No, he didn't have a hook, but that would have been cool! But ya, we started talking and he told me that he was homeless. I felt really bad for him and his kids and I wanted to help him so bad, but we had to go and that was that!  

After a couple of weeks with my new companion, we happened to come across him in the street again and so I went up to him and with the little Spanish I could speak, I told him that if he came to the church that Sunday, he would find a house. That week I prayed so hard for this man to come to church, and guess what?? He came.  That Sunday I talked to the ward and asked them if they could help this man find a house, and YESTERDAY HE CALLED ME AND TOLD ME THAT HE FOUND A HOUSE! AT THAT MOMENT MY HEART WAS FULL BECAUSE I KNEW THAT GOD BLESSED HIM WITH THIS HOUSE BECAUSE HE CAME TO CHURCH. 

NEXT WEEK WE ARE GOING TO BAPTIZE HIS SON, GONZALO! It was a miracle!! I'm so grateful that I could help this guy out! HE FOUND HIS TREASURE!

Ok, so remember how I told you that I was starting to organize a soccer game every Monday? So last week we had a game and it was super fun. They are unreal at soccer here. It's crazy! But anyway, they taught me this other game that they play in Chile and so I was super pumped to play, you know? And we started playing and apparently I lost. I'm not sure how cause I was dominating! but I guess I lost and so then the craziest thing happened to me. Everyone that was playing--like 30 little Chileans just started charging at me!!! it was the scariest thing ever! It was like that part in Spy kids when all the teenage robots attack!! Ya, so all these little Chileans start tackling me and get me to the ground and then and they start chanting this weird Spanish saying that I didn't understand. And then each of them grabbed one of my arms and legs and lifted me up and started running in different directions!!!! I'm not kidding! Picture that!! Like this tall skinny gringo being torn apart by a herd of Chileans! ha ha ha Apparently it's like the punishment when you lose or something,  so ya, that was funny . . . really hurt though!

And also something really cool that happened this week was with one of my recent converts, maria, who was baptized like three weeks ago. She is so cool! But anyway,  the ward went to the temple this week and this girl,  Maria was able to get the temple work done for her father that passed away when she was eight! how freaking amazing is that?? Wow, words can't describe the feelings I had after hearing that! 

I love the mission!! Like, seriously wow! It's incredible! Helping a pirate find treasure, getting my arms and legs ripped off, and building the kingdom of God!!

 Elder Frampton 

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