Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MTC Week 4--This mission isn't about me!

Hey family!

I miss you guys like crazy!!! I hope you guys are doing amazing! My week went pretty good!! ya, it's been tough, but I live for the tough times! I pray for them because I know through those times I grow as a missionary and as a person and as a representative of Jesus Christ! It's been a great week. I have been learning so much and having a ton a fun and working hard and feeling the spirit. I have had a lot of cool spiritual experiences this week, and I have never been so close to Jesus Christ than I am right now. My testimony has grown a lot and I have been just trying to rely on the lord.

I was able to give another blessing this week and also had a really good opportunity to help some of the kids in my house with some of the problems they are having. Missions are hard if you let them be. . . Life is hard if you let it be, SO DON'T LET IT! I truly have found that when we think about ourselves and our problems and when I think about my family back home and how I can't speak Spanish, then the mission is gonna be hard! Really hard!! But if we turn to the Lord and think about what the mission is truly about and what life is truly about then we are given strength. I have learned something really important this week, and its really simple. This mission isn't about me. Me choosing to go on a mission isn't about me. This life isn't about me. I'm here simply because there are people out there that need Christ, and there are people out there that NEED me to be ready to tell them. 

When I look at life with that prospective there is not one person on this earth that will stop me!! Satan will bring his whirlwinds and chains and do everything he possibly can to stop me but he won't! Bring it on Satan!!!!!!!! I love it!! I will help everyone I can by sharing the message of Jesus Christ and that's my spiritual thought for this week!!

I've also been having a lot of fun this week. I'm working way hard, but I'm trying to work hard and have fun doing it. I try to turn everything into a game. I have been playing chess and doing a lot of dunk ball and just enjoying every moment here in my mission. It will fly be and it already has, and I'm just trying to soak it in. 

I also organized a devotional for about 200 missionaries in the MTC and had this amazing devotional. I knew an elder that I had this amazing story that changed my life and I wanted to get him to share it with everyone, so I gathered all the elders I knew and it was an awesome devotional! 

Umm,  what else... I finally got the runs here. lolololol, but I just embraced it.  ha ha I also got way tight with a lot of the Latinos here and it is so fun to talk with them. They are funny as crap. And I just love all the missionaries here and I'm sad that I have to leave here in two weeks. 

I also got to go to the temple this week and we watched a video on families and it made me cry. I thought about the first time I went to the temple and I thought about how I walked in the celestial room and I still remember vividly mom and dad standing there holding hands with so much joy. I remember I could literally see their spirits glowing off of them and as I walked up to them I had so much joy in my heart because I had a little taste of heaven and how families can be together forever.

I miss you guys and I pray for you every night. I know you pray for me, i can feel it in my heart so thank you. Have an amazing week! 

Elder Frampton

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