Monday, May 23, 2016

Words and Pictures

This week was absolutely great.

Lately I've been really striving to always see the Lord's hand in my life and it's been truly awesome to be able to see and feel how he is blessing the families that we are teaching. One of the families that we are teaching has a single mom with three kids that are young. It's been so fun to teach them and see their progress.. It's cute to see them do their family prayers at night and read the scriptures. It's really been a blessing for me  to see how doing those little things really makes a huge difference in the family!

We are also teaching a kid named manuel. He's  17:) He's like my little bro and it was a little hard this week because he was preparing to be baptized but his parents said no. He even fasted with us and he comes out with us more  than any other member even thought he isn't even a member yet. 

My comp goes home this week and so does Elder Hendersen, who was my comp for six months. We have changes in two weeks.. It's crazy how fast this change went by. We are trying everything and anything to keep finding people and get the members involved! We have basketball classes and English classes and its been a lot of fun. I've started reading the BOOK OF MORMON again and I love the story of Nephi and his family. Really you can learn so much from the example of Nephi and it has helped me a lot of become a better leader and person. 

I'm just excited for another week. I've really just gotten lost in the work and it's been great! 

But I love you guys! Have a great week!