Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Happy He Has

Zach sent us an audio letter this week. He has a native companion right now so he is speaking Spanish 24/7, which explains why half of what he said to us was in Spanish and half was in English.

To the best of my translation he reports that this week has been awesome and fun and crazy, but it went super fast (muy rapida) He and his companion road-tripped to the North (norte) five hours (quatro horas) away and had conferences where he got to get to know a lot of the mission and see a lot of his friends that he has made on the mission. A General Authority visited and talked to them about the importance of the spirit, the priesthood, and the atonement. As far as the work in the mission home goes, he says it's just a very different type of work. He basically drives a lot, and laughs a lot, and makes a lot of jokes. He is just really enjoying the mission. 

Here's a message from his companion Elder Herera: 

Buenos Dias Familia Frampton--good morning. Just I want to say your son is a good missionary. He's doing good. All the missionaries love him. Everyone says "Oh, you are the new assistant? I knew you were going to be."  

I'm very happy for him. I learn a lot of things from him. He is, I don't know, very enthusiastic. The assistants don't baptize a lot here in this sector, but we came, and we are going to baptize one again, and I know it is because of the unity we have and the friendship. Just know that he has been good here. He baptizes a lot here and I know that the Lord put his confidence in him.  

When we were with the president and we made the changes and we said "Okay we need a new assistant," we felt the spirit so strong in us, and we say "who can come here," and we say, "I feel Elder Frampton" and we say, "no, but he has only 9 months on the mission. He is very young. Okay, we need to pray again." And we prayed and we feel, "Elder Frampton" And we prayed again and we knew it was him. And now I know why he is here. Because the missionaries need the happy he has, and the power he has for his work. Thank you for every thing you did for him before the mission. We can see in him he has good parents. This is my message for you.