Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey mom and dad!!!!! How are you guys doing!!!??? Thanks for the support!! I love you guys!!!  I'm doing really good here.  My Spanish is coming! WOW, what an incredible week here in THE PARTE ALTE!!!! YEP, I STAYED. LESSSSS GOOOO!! I'm so pumped to stay here with my family here!! Also I got a new companion! He is from Utah and is name Elder Henderson! HE is AWESOME! He is literally the nicest guy I have ever met in the whole world! It's crazy. He is really cool, and I'm really pumped for this change with him! 
Little update on our investigators. So the pirate that I was telling you guys about came to church yesterday with his two sons!!!!!!! LAND HOOOOOO!!! Yep, he sailed his ship straight into the church, baby! And he really liked it. I think we are going to baptize his son so I'm super excited about that! This week we had family home evening with a family in the ward and it went super good and one of the daughter's in the family brought her friend and she loved the family home evening and so we have been teaching her. She is so awesome. Her name is Chrissann and she is 11. She's really sweet! But, ya we are having a lot of success and I'm really grateful. Because my companion left I am having to lead and its kind of hard because I'm still trying to understand the language, but I kind of like it and my Spanish is a lot better. It's weird, like this week I have felt like my Spanish has improved a ton and I'm excited about that!

Oh also this week I had intercambios, which is when you exchange with a different companion from your district, so I have had three companions this week! I was with this Argentine Elder and it was one of the funniest days of the mission. He was soo funny!!! He is like me but he can speak Spanish a little better! ha ha I'm still funny as you probably noticed. But ya, guess what else? I'm starting an English class in Parte Alta! ha ha ha Serious though, I got it approved by the bishop and everything! so Wednesday at 8 we teach whoever wants to learn English--members and nonmembers, everybody! I think it will be a great way to get people to the church and meet the members and stuff! Oh and also every Monday I am starting a huge soccer game here because we have p-day so I am trying to organize this a big soccer game with all the kids here to have fun and introduce them to the gospel through soccer! I'll let you know how it goes next week!

Nothing to funny happened this week, except I stepped in a lot of dog poo . . . ya it was weird how many times it happened this week! but other then that nothing much!

This week I have just been thinking about all the different people I have met so far in my mission and it's so cool to get to know them. Every single person is so different in their own special way, but I notice that they all need Jesus Christ in their life! lt doesn't matter if you're black, white, blue, green, red, Chilean, pirate, or if you have a lot of money or not. Whatever the case is EVERYONE needs Christ! THE WORLD IS CONNECTED THROUGH HIM! I'm really grateful to be able to bring them the message of Christ!

Have an amazing week!! 

ELDER Frampton

Monday, November 17, 2014

All the little secrets to missionary work . . .

Hey mom and dad, It was sooo good to hear from you guys this week and it sounds like everything is going so well there. It makes really happy to know that! I really miss you guys and am grateful for your help in preparing for this mission because every day something happens and I have to make decisions and I am grateful for what you have taught me so I can make those decisions and become like Christ! I got your letter mom!!! Thank you. I love your letters and it probably takes a good solid month to arrive. 

So one thing I have been doing this month is I have been reading my Patriarchal Blessing every day and marking it up and basing my day off of what it says. And wow has it really opened my eyes to the little things that happen to me every day. My goal is to read it once a day for the next 19 months!

This week I have finished my first transfer in the mission. I can't believe how fast this six weeks has gone but it has been some of the best weeks of my life! It has been freakin' great. I was able to have a lot of success and I'm really grateful for that. I hope I can keep it rolling. Tomorrow I will find out if I am going to stay here or if I'm leaving. I'm hoping to stay because this place is great. I love the ward and I don't want to leave because I want to baptize Ceasar and Mike, who are two of the people we have been teaching. It would stink to have to leave.

A lot of things happened this week. Let's see so, we did a lot of service, which is always great. We are helping someone build a house right now. ha ha Oh ya, and I am also teaching two different people English and they are teaching me Spanish. I found out that everyone here wants to learn English so I'm using it to teach more people. Like now I'm teaching two different investigators English, but I'm teaching them only gospel words. ha ha It's a good way to have fun with and teach the lessons. 

I also did a lot of little service, like helping this guy push his car up this massive hill and stuff like that . . . but service is one of my favorite things to do here in the mission.

This week I also set up a few "noche de hogars" which is family night, with some families and I'm really excited for them. They are gonna teach me how to cook some Chilean foods. I can't wait.

I love the mission!!!! 

A little funny story I had this week--ok, the other day me and my comp were walking to an appointment that we had and out of nowhere we find ourselves walking in this huge parade of people. Like we were just walking in the street and a mob of dancing Indians just came flying in behind us with drums and stuff. We looked ahead and there was a whole crowd of people just lined up for this parade. So I decided to enjoy it for a bit and and flow with it--just cruise along with the dancing Indians. So ya, that was that. 

This Sunday we were able to confirm the kids we baptized Last Sunday, which was really cool because guess what? I gave a blessing and confirmed one of them in Spanish!!!!!!!! It was great. I was pretty nervous cause it was in front of the whole church, but I told myself if I wanna get better at my Spanish I gotta step out of the comfort zone and go for it. So I did and everything was great. My Spanish is getting better and I'm starting to understand a little more everyday so I'm excited about that. 

I'm starting to learn all the little secrets to missionary work and this week I learned a really important one and that is that you can only do so much in your companionship. I learned that you gotta work with members and with the spirit. If you can be cool with the members and work with them you will have a lot more success as a missionary. And this applies to life as well! 

That's all I got this week!

Love you guys!! Have another great week!

Elder Frampton

Monday, November 10, 2014


This week was just amazing!!! I was able to baptize 3 kids. Two of the kids were brothers and they're some of the sweetest kids I'e ever met!! They are like my little brothers and having the chance to baptize them this week was so freakin' amazing.  It really made me realize why I'm on my mission! I can't even describe the feeling I felt when I saw them enter into the water. I'm so grateful for them and the chance to be apart of their lives. We also baptized a girl named Maria. She is 13 and she's soo sweet! She has been through some really hard things in her life . . . her dad died when she was 8 and I can't imagine how hard that is and so to be able to be a part of bringing her into this church was super cool. She reminded me of my mom because my mom's dad died when she was young too and I just thought about how this church has blessed my mom and our family and how this church is going be a huge blessing in maria's life too. I'm really grateful for them in my life.

Other then the baptisms not a lot happened. We spent a lot of time preparing for the baptisms this week, but we also found some awesome people to teach. So guess who we found. We found a Pirate! No joke.  A legit Pirate! Apparently Coquimbo was founded by pirates, so we met this pirate and we started teaching him. It's hard to teach him because he's always out on the ocean, but he seems way interested so hopefully it will go somewhere. Maybe we will find his treasure ha ha!!! 

Another cool thing that happened this week is I'm learning how to knit!  ha I'm serious! There is this member in our ward that is a freaking amazing knitter and she makes these crazy cool stuffed animals. She is good! So I asked her if she would make me one and she said ya, she's gonna make me a missionary with my plate on it so I'm pumped about that. Then she said she would teach me too so I'm about to become a professional knitter! Watch out!!!!! 

Then I ate cow stomach this week too, which was way weird, but it actually turned out way good!

That's about it for this week. I'm understanding a little better. The language is hard, but I'm not scared. I have fun with it and enjoy it!! lessss gooo!! 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Mom Was Right

I had another great week here in Chile. It was a freakin' great one and I was able to witness a lot of little miracles. It was AWESOME! This week we were able to confirm Bruno and there is a great story behind it. We also set another baptism date with a 15-year old girl named Maria, so we were super pumped about that! If everything goes right this week we should have four baptisms with Felipe, Antonio, Maria, and Maria Pas, the sister of Bruno! It's going to be busy week but I'm so grateful and excited!

Okay, to start off my week I painted a fence. Ya, I painted this lady's fence blue for her. We were just walking in the street and I saw this lady and started talking to her. I asked her if we could do anything for her and she said we could help her paint her fence, so we spent most of the day painting, which was actually super fun. I guess you can call me Elder Tom Sawyer. 

That same day I saved a dog's life. I'm dead serious, I saved this dog's life. So we were going to this house and all the sudden I hear this dog whining and so we go to check it and there is this dog who has it's head stuck it this fence. It was bad. I don't know how it got in there but it wasn't gonna come out and we had no idea how long he had been there. We tried everything to get him of there, but he was so stuck. So finally we said a prayer, and no joke, his head just slipped out. It was the craziest thing! 

Halloween is like the one day missionaries can actually fit in, so that was nice! I actually made a costume because I wanted to be something. I made myself in to a human Book of Mormon. It was great. I have pictures! Such a classic!

Funny story for the week: This is too funny. So there is this guy that is always on this street that we pass by everyday and every time he sees us he says these bad words in English that start with an F. Not good, right? I was getting of tired of it, so this week I decided to talk to him. I was like 'hey do you know what that word means?" and he said "ya." So I was like "that word isn't even that bad, there are words that are way worse. He was like, "tell me" and I said "Sorry man I can't cause I'm a missionary, and he was like "please," so i was like "fine, but I'm only gonna say it once so you better write it down."  He agreed so I said, "baptize me" ha ha ha So now every time we pass him he says "baptize me!"

My spiritual thought for the week: These first two months of my mission have honestly changed me. If my mission ended right now it would have an effect on me for the rest of my life!  I have changed so much. This is kind of a shout out to my mom because she was right, reading is awesome. I don't like saying it, but reading she freaking great! I really enjoy reading now and if you would have asked me that two months ago I would have said, no way! I hated it so much that my mom used to ground me until I would read a book. But now I honestly love it and I love studying! 

And another thing that I like is to clean. Not kidding. So weird.  Mom, guess what else? I make my bed every morning now! ha ha I am a huge nerd. But the mission is awesome. This gospel is true and it can help you with anything. Honestly, any problem or addiction or whatever, this gospel of Jesus Christ can change you!

I love the mission. It is awesome. I can't wait to learn Spanish.