Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Week in the MTC

Hola me familia!!!! 

It's been a whole week.  Wow! I miss you guys like crazy, but I honestly am doing so good. I love it here! its the best thing ever! I love everything about it! I'm so happy right now. I have such a great companion. He's soooo smooth, and we get along great! 

I'll start you off on my journey of my first week.  On the airplane I got to sit by both of my friends, Wyatt and Chase. which was so nice. We got off the plane in Mexico and I decided to start off my mission by attempting to talk to some random person in Spanish. I decided to ask him his name which is como te llama, but instead of saying that I said, "te amo, which means I love you. LOL Luckily he said, I love you too! ha ha. Then we got on a bus to drive to the MTC and it was crazy. I thought I was gonna die because they drive so crazy here. No one stops for anything. It was awesome!!! 

When we arrived at the MTC the first thing that happened was they made me get a haircut, which was the scariest thing of my life because it literally took 30 seconds and they just flew through it. But it looks good. Then I got my companion, who is way tight! We love to sing together and dance, so whenever we get stressed we just dance it out. We get along so well.

Umm lets see . . . there are some really funny elders, but I love, love them. Like one elder in my room always does these funny impressions. Lately I've heard a lot of Mickey Mouse ha ha. Another elder just hiccups all the time, lol, but its cool. I've been challenged to a foosball tournament by elder Hepworth, who is apparently a foosball legend,  and I play hackysack with my friend, Elder Nightcamp. I call him The Nighthawk. He reminds me a lot of Napolean Dynamite. I love it. Whenever we get tired of studying, we just Hackysack. 

The language is way tough, but I'm just trying to be patient with myself and have fun with it. We had to teach an investigator the second day, which went pretty well actually. The food is pretty good. No diarrhea yet. 

I'm super happy so that's most important. How are you guys doing? tell me everything. How's conditioning Garrett? How's Wyatt's leg? How's high school? 

Mom, I met a couple of your students! Elder Han was one of them and he's way cool!

I wanna hear about everything. I can't wait to hear about everything!  

Love you guys and miss you so much!

Elder Frampton

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