Monday, December 8, 2014

Tio Frampton and The Truman Show

Hey family,  I love all you guys! I can't believe that grandpa fell this week. It was really hard for me to hear that. I started think about all the amazing things that man has done for me and our family, and words can't describe the effect he had on our family and on my life! I'm soooo grateful for the time that we had to together. I think about the message that I'm preaching right now about the plan that our Father in Heaven has for us and it brings me peace because I know I will see Boyd Frampton again.  I'm forever honored to have the name BOYD in my name and in my life!! "I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!!"

 I love you grandpa! I have faith, and we can do this.

WOW, it's amazing how fast this week went again. Sitting here writing again is seriously crazy, but ya, I had another great week and I'm doing really good, I'm really starting to feel comfortable here, which is way nice, but at the same time it's almost a Little bit too comfortable. I'm starting to know all the different groups of people on the different streets at the different times of day. For example, when we first leave the casa in the morning, we pass the garbage men on the same street everyday, and so I'm pretty tight with them now. And there is a "Pancake crew" which is a group of old ladies who are always cooking pancakes outside their house. Also we have the "HELLO MY FRIENDS" group, which is a group of teenagers that we pass on the way home to our house every night and they shout, "HELLO MY FRIENDS" because they think it's sooo funny. I'm starting to think I'm on The Truman Show ha ha. 

I even know all the dogs and what dogs are on what street, so I started giving them names. My personal favorites are Snuggles and Cuddles on Billboa Street. 

A quick pirate update. So we were going to have the baptism last Sunday, but his mom who lives in Santiago wants to come to his baptism so we are going to it this Sunday. Less goooooo. I'll  have pictures next p-day!

All my investigators are doing great! It's been so fun teaching them this week. I'm really starting to enjoy the teaching part of the mission. Especially to all the Little kids I am teaching. They now call me "TIO" which means uncle, so now I'm known as TIO Frampton.

A couple of cool experiences that I had this week:  one was with one of my friends name Bastion.  He is 14 and he is super shy. We have been teaching him almost three weeks now and he doesn't have any brothers or sisters or that many friends in his life right now.  He told me that he feels lonely a lot, and so this week when we went to teach him I brought one of the members of the young men's to come teach with us and to just be a friend to him. I've never felt so happy to see the smile on this kids face when Diego (the kid from the young men's) invited him to church. He was soo happy to feel a part of something. Wow! and I truly have seen a change in him since then. He is so outgoing and everything, and he is going to get baptized this Sunday.

Another cool experience I had this week was with an old man who can't hear or speak. Ya, it WAS AWESOME!! Last Sunday I saw this man who was wearing a Steelers sweatshirt and obviously I was going to talk to him because he was wearing the Steelers shirt.  How are the Steelers doing by the way?? But anyway, so I went to talk  to him and I quickly found out he couldn't speak or hear.  This week we went to visit him and his wife, and with a Little bit of help from his wife, and my amazing acting ability, I was able to listen and share my thoughts. It was amazing the spirit this man has and the spirit I felt even though he can't speak or hear. We are actually really good friends now and he sat by me at church this Sunday. He is awesome!

Well, it's been another great week. I love you guys.

Tio Frampton

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