Monday, August 15, 2016

Zachary's final letter

This last week was just amazing. :) We saw so many miracles it was incredible. We had another baptism and it was one of the most beautiful baptisms that I have had in my whole mission. It was so cool to see all the members of the branch involved and helping and supporting Caroline. After she was baptized, she bore her testimony. It was amazing. So powerful. It just amazes me the power of the atonement and how it literally frees us. Her grandma is also one of my converts and she also bore her testimony.

Fabian, our friend who was baptized last week said the prayer and it was seriously just a great experience that I will never forget. Fabian’s family also came to church, and they love the church. They stayed all three hours and then went to the baptism of Caroline. Actually Fabians sister is going to get baptized next week. Woahhh. :) My last week in the mission!! It’s amazing how blessed we have been during this last transfer. I really feel that God has blessed me and a lot of people here in Los Vilos for the decision I made to stay. Actually Fabian’s sister shared with us that before we met her and shared with her she was really bad and she had no purpose in life, She didnt believe in God and she had hit rock bottom. She told us when we started to share the gospel with her everything started to change in her life. She prayed to know if God was real and she received an answer and now she wants to get baptized and start a new life in Jesus Christ. Isn’t that awesome? I love hearing that!

I have fallen in love with the way God works, It’s sooo perfect. He has everything perfectly calculated in the world and he totally sent us to one of his daughters who needed the Gospel so badly in her life.

These last two years I have been able to serve as a missionary and be an instrument in the Lord’s hands and it has been the most amazing experience of my entire life being able to be that window between God and the people here in Chile. I really have been able to come to know my Father in heaven and my savior, Jesus Christ. I know they live and I know they love every single one of us.  They know us and understand and are always there for us.

I will truly miss the people here in Chile, I love these people and I feel honored to have able to serve them. This church is true, Everything about it, its true. It’s designed exactly how Jesus Christ did it. The Book of Mormon is the most correct and true book in the world, I have been able to read it every day for the last two years and its teachings have brought me closer to Christ and have allowed me to feel the power of repentance. It has taken a place in my heart.

I’m sooo grateful for you guys and the support you have given me throughout my journey. ;) I love all of you guys and I’m really excited to see you guys next week. This is my last letter. I can’t wait to share everything about my mission with you guys in person!  Alma 26:1-5
I love you guys sssooooo much!

Elder Frampton

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  1. Hey Zacharry! My name is Jonathan and I'm the son of Lidia from Los Vilos living in Utah. First, thank you for serving in Chile. I know it has been hard to contact me because I'm not on Facebook. Anyway, here is my number if you want to get in touch. 385-6251366