Saturday, December 19, 2015

I'm freakin' tired, but freakin' happy!

Hey Mom, I had a great week. I’m freakin’ tired. I didn’t even get a p-day this week and we have not had a lot of time to sleep, but we are doing super good! We are doing way good! We are super happy and it’s been so awesome. We have been helping a lot with the Christmas choir, which has been fun, and we are also getting ready for the Christmas actividad de la navidad. I’m just hanging in there and trying my best! Our family of investigators came to church. We hope everything is okay with them because we haven’t been able to see them due to how hard we have been working! I don’t have any more time left! I usually have more time but I’ve got to help with the choir! Just know that I love you guys and that God is blessing us and that I’m doing great! Love you, Mom. P.S. We are making a Christmas special of The Office, btw!