Monday, July 27, 2015



WHAT A FREAKIN' AWESOME WEEEEK . . . LESSSS GOOOOO! THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING! I've never seen so many miracles. I'm serious!

I don't know where to start, but I guess I'll start with the man, the myth, and the legend! He got baptized and confirmed this weekend and I've never been sooo happy in my life. He was a straight miracle.

About three weeks ago he was drunk on the road and now he is a completely changed man. I have never seen someone change so much, so fast, and have so much faith. Literally, he stopped drinking and really put his life in order. and it was so cool to see him dressed up in white on Sunday

But obviously this week we had to teach him the commandments before he was baptized and we were scared to teach him tithing because he doesn't have any money, but it was a miracle . . . like really, he can't wait to pay tithing to get the blessings. 

We were also scared to teach about keeping the Sabbath day holy because he works on Sundays, and when we taught him he said, "That's impossible! I need the money to send to my family." But after we told him to trust in God and God would bless him, he felt the spirit and said he would stop working. It was amazing. Sooo much faith. But really it was miracle after miracle like that through his whole conversion and he's only going to keep going! His family came from Santiago to see his baptism and they loved it and his mom was just crying so much. She was so emotional and proud. That was the coolest part of it all! I really feel so blessed to be able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I really learned that God loves EVERYONE! I love my Heavenly Father. That's not even the whole story. I'll have to write a letter to my mom with all of it all because it's truly unbelievable!

We will have another baptism this week and I hope I don't get changed before his baptism because we have changes on Wednesday and his baptism is on Sunday. Honestly this kid is like my best friend is Chile. I love the kid. He's 11 and he is the most faithful kid I've ever met. Literally! He likes church more then me. jajajaja He is a miracle too! He goes to church by himself and nobody in his family is a member! He is really such an example for me, but ill tell you more about him next week! 

To end, I had an awesome experience this week. One night we were walking and we always pass this store which is on the way to our house, and there is always this guy cleaning and so we always say hi as we pass by. The other day I noticed he was really cold and he didn't have a jacket so I let him borrow my jacket. He was really grateful. This weekend I went by to pick up my jacket and the coolest thing happened. It turns out that I had left a Book of Mormon in my jacket pocket so when I asked for my jacket back a few days later he said that he had read half of Book of Mormon. I told him that he could keep the book and he was super excited and said he was going to finish it. Then he invited us to his house because he has a few question about the book! 

How cool is that!? 

But it was a great week I've been balling out, I bought a new basketball and I've been dribbling in the mornings. I've also been sick this week! But it was an awesome week! 

I love all you guys! 

Have a great week!

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Book is Blue, and the Church is True!

Lessss gooo baby! I'm back! 

Alrighty, I'm about to hit you with the weekly update . . . 

Started out the week with a nice soccer game with my zona, which was way fun! I'm balling out at soccer now because I'm Chilean.  jajaja 

But ya, it's fun to get together and hang with my zona, and get to know them! I think that one of my favorite parts of the mission is just meeting some of my best friends in the world here! 

Also this week I joined the Mate train ha ha ha If you don't know what Mate is, it is basically this South American drink, which is pretty much grass in a cup, but I wanted to try it and I gave it a run and it turned out pretty good. if you don't know what it is go look it up! It's pretty funny! 

Also I met the most interesting man in the world this week. jajaja But he really was the most interesting man I've ever met. He speaks perfect English and he has 24 kids. 17 of them are from the U.S. and they are from 16 different ladies. jajjajaja So ya, we started teaching him this week and he started telling us all these crazy stories about how he went broke to how he like got rich to how he became like homeless. It was too funny. i don't know if you have ever seen the most interesting man in the world commercials, but he's that guy, only the Chilean version. I've actually noticed that a lot lately,  because I've realized that there is a Chilean version of everyone so I have been converting everyone here to famous people in the states. Like the other day I found the Chilean Pam from the office. It was awesome! jajajaja 

But anyway, it was a great week I have really been feeling the spirit a lot in my life! Our investigator is doing great. We actually had a great lesson with him yesterday. The crazy thing with him is that we found him drunk in the street Saturday night, but after a week he has already changed soooo much!!! He told us that he was going to stop drinking and everything and the other day he told us a story about how his friends offered him beer and he turned it down and they started making fun of him and everything because he said no. And then he told us that when they started making fun of him he whipped out his Book of Mormon and said "This book has changed me," and he said, "Look, if you guys are really my friends you won't ever offer me beer again," and then left! 



Monday, July 13, 2015


Hi Zach!

Alright!!!!!  The weekly letter!!! okkkk let me take you guys on a trip to Chile and fill you in a little on what happened here in Valpo this week. First things first! The weather here is interesting because we basically live up in the hills and I've just been getting soaked in the rain all week. But I love Valpo, really. It's such a great city. I can see myself living in a place like Valpo! 

This week was awesome because we had zona coference with presidente!!!!! He's sooooo sweet!! I'm so happy and excited to work with him. We had interviews with this week and it was the funniest thing because I like had my interview and he called me into the room and everything and then he shut the door and told me to sit down, and as I go to sit down I just absolutley break the chair. hahahahha It was like one of those things that dad does sometimes. I just totally landed on my butt and broke this chair in the interview with president! ha ha! I swear weird, funny things like that always happen with president. But I really love him and I got to work with him closely this week.  There have been an lot of changes here in Valpo in the stake so I got to work with him a lot and it was awesome. He is so humble. 

Also this week I've learned a lot about how the Lord works. I started reading the Book of Mormon again and I decided how I was going to read it this time through.  I'm going to read it now with a focus on the lives of the profetas in the Book of Mormon, and their lives. I am marking what attributes they have and what trials they had and what attributes they developed through there trails. Those three things. It's been amazing. I love it. I am learning so much and its cool because I can see the Lord working like that in my life! 

I seriously love the Book of Mormon! 

but I had a really, really cool experience this week with my great friend, and investigator! He is about 35 years old and it was crazy because on Saturday night we were getting back to the house and we just bumped into this guy and invited him to church. The next morning he showed up at church and everything and then that night we taught him. It was an amazing lesson. We found out that he had just received the news that his wife has cancer and its been really hard for him. He lives by himself and he has 4 four kids that live is Santiago, which is really hard for him. He was just such as humble and cool guy and he just told us how much he loves church and stuff and we taught him about the plan de salvation and invited him to pray and I will never forget the prayer he gave! During the prayer he just broke down and couldn't finish. He told us how he had never felt that feeling before and how he felt God's presence! 

How amazing was that? He is going to be baptized in two weeks! IM SOOOO EXCITED! 

But ya, it was an amazing week. I love the mission and I wanna be a missionary forever. I'm so grateful to have this time to serve the Lord and not worry about anything else! 

I love you guys! 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Historic Success and Personal Failure

Alright, I'm  gonna give you a quick run down about what is going on here in the mar of the vina! ha ha 

It was a great week--a week of historic moments is Chile! First off, Chile won the LA CUPA AMERICA for the first time in the historia of the country, which was absolutely crazy! 

Chile's players celebrate with the Copa America trophy after being Argentina on penalties in the final in Santiago.

Footballl is life here in Chile so when they won on Saturday . . . wowowowowowowoowowow I've never seen such a riot! Everybody was going crazy. Everyone in the streets! It was awesome to be here when they won! We actually had to go back to the house a little bit early when they won because it was so crazy! 

Also we had a special conference here in Valpo because we are now two stakes, so that was awesome. There were like 2000 people there and elder Zeballos came from the 70's and he gave a great talk. It was freakin' sweet!! I'm in the choir right now so I got to sing at the conference.

Also my new presdiente is awesome. I really love him!!!!! He is soooo different the old presdiente, but I love him to death. I'm seriously so excited to work for him. He is just one of those guys that makes you want to become better. He is way cool! 

But it was an awesome week. I got to see all of my old comps except for Elder Santillan. :)))) It was like seeing the family again!! 

Oh ya, this week I worked in all rain, which was soooooo pretty, and fun. I don't know, at this point in my mission I really love it all! I am just enjoying all of it and it's crazy because I feel like it's flying by and its going too fast! ha ha 

I had a great birthday. Seriously, it was different, but it was awesome! I had to give a talk in church and then we celebrated it at my converts house and she made me a cake and everything. 

I'm doing great. My comp and I are doing awesome. I love him! I have learned everything about Lord of the Rings! ha ha My comp is like a Lord of the Rings legend you could say ha ha! He loves Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potter, and he is giving me the run down of all the books of Lord of Rings. Right now we are in book #1 and it's been fun! 

But everything is good! ummm, we still haven't had a lot of success, but it's good. It's what I need, and It's really teaching  me a lot. You learn most when you don't get what you want! 

We finally found like a really solid investigator! Finally! ha ha ha She is awesome!! She's been struggling a lot in her life for a while now, but it is really fun to see the gospel start to change her life, along with mine.  I am really grateful for her and to finally get a little something going here. 

But, I'm doing super good here. I've really been learning a lot. I just finished the Book of Mormon again! I'm trying to think of another way to study it next time around! if you have any ideas let me know!

I love you guys!  Vamos Chile!!! Les Amo