Monday, July 13, 2015


Hi Zach!

Alright!!!!!  The weekly letter!!! okkkk let me take you guys on a trip to Chile and fill you in a little on what happened here in Valpo this week. First things first! The weather here is interesting because we basically live up in the hills and I've just been getting soaked in the rain all week. But I love Valpo, really. It's such a great city. I can see myself living in a place like Valpo! 

This week was awesome because we had zona coference with presidente!!!!! He's sooooo sweet!! I'm so happy and excited to work with him. We had interviews with this week and it was the funniest thing because I like had my interview and he called me into the room and everything and then he shut the door and told me to sit down, and as I go to sit down I just absolutley break the chair. hahahahha It was like one of those things that dad does sometimes. I just totally landed on my butt and broke this chair in the interview with president! ha ha! I swear weird, funny things like that always happen with president. But I really love him and I got to work with him closely this week.  There have been an lot of changes here in Valpo in the stake so I got to work with him a lot and it was awesome. He is so humble. 

Also this week I've learned a lot about how the Lord works. I started reading the Book of Mormon again and I decided how I was going to read it this time through.  I'm going to read it now with a focus on the lives of the profetas in the Book of Mormon, and their lives. I am marking what attributes they have and what trials they had and what attributes they developed through there trails. Those three things. It's been amazing. I love it. I am learning so much and its cool because I can see the Lord working like that in my life! 

I seriously love the Book of Mormon! 

but I had a really, really cool experience this week with my great friend, and investigator! He is about 35 years old and it was crazy because on Saturday night we were getting back to the house and we just bumped into this guy and invited him to church. The next morning he showed up at church and everything and then that night we taught him. It was an amazing lesson. We found out that he had just received the news that his wife has cancer and its been really hard for him. He lives by himself and he has 4 four kids that live is Santiago, which is really hard for him. He was just such as humble and cool guy and he just told us how much he loves church and stuff and we taught him about the plan de salvation and invited him to pray and I will never forget the prayer he gave! During the prayer he just broke down and couldn't finish. He told us how he had never felt that feeling before and how he felt God's presence! 

How amazing was that? He is going to be baptized in two weeks! IM SOOOO EXCITED! 

But ya, it was an amazing week. I love the mission and I wanna be a missionary forever. I'm so grateful to have this time to serve the Lord and not worry about anything else! 

I love you guys! 

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