Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pirate swords, earthquakes, and the true meaning of Christmas

Holllaaaaaaaaaaaa mis amigos!! 

I had another great week here La Parte. I can't believe that I already have finished two transfers! I honestly have fallen in love with this place--the people, the food, the hills that I have to walk up everyday, the dogs, the cats, the WHOLE PLACE!  THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING PLACE! I am so grateful to have started my mission here. This Tuesday we have changes. I'm not sure if I'll be leaving or not,  but wow this place has a big place in my heart. Right next to my mom! ha ha lol (She's going to like that) . . . still got it . . . ha ha 

But this last week here was really good except for that fact that I got super sick ha ha. Other then that it was good.  I think the Grinch was here and got me sick right before Christmas. ha ha

But I'm doing really good now, and I had an amazing week! I met someone who knew Nick Emery, but of course they didn't know me. ha ha ha Pucha! 

It was a little different not spending Christmas with my family, but wow, it was so great to talk to them. It was just like the good old days. They are so great and the coolest part was that I got to talk to my sister who is also serving a mission. It was super cool to hear from her and see the progress that she has made in her life. Its was way sweet. 

This Christmas we spent the day working. It was really special to spend the day with some of people that don't have anybody to share Christmas with, and who really needed the company. 

Funny story lol. So this week I went into a store to go to the bathroom, and I was already nervous because there was like a group of chilean gangstas chillin' in the bathroom. But I had to go, so I went. While I was going, the stall started shaking like crazy and I thought the gangstas were messing with me or whatever ha ha ha so like I started yelling English at them and hoping it would scare them away (and when I say gangsta I mean like a group of 12-year olds lol), but ya, anyway I found out that there was an earthquake while I was in the bathroom ha ha ha ha When I walked out these kids were giving my the weirdest looks. Classic! 

I got some Chilean hats for Christmas so I guess I'm Chileo now. And I got a sword from my pirate.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! The people here are amazing. I love the way they celebrated here--super humble and not about the gifts at all. It's so cool. I asked a lot of kids what they wanted for Christmas and most of them said, "like whatever, I just wanna be with the fam" or like "peace and love." It's really cool. It really made me realize the true meaning of Christmas. 

Elder Frampton


Hey family! Wow, how fun was that to talk again? You guys are freaking awesome! I was soooo pumped to talk to all of you guys, wow!! just like the good old days! You guys look awesome! Thanks for making it the best Christmas ever for me, and it was great to talk to Tatum! Garrett and Wyatt are growing up, which is weird. I miss joking with my bros! But ya, thanks for being great examples for me, Wyatt and Garrett. I love you guys! Garrett said something in his letter that caught my attention, he said "I wish I was as happy as you,"  i can really say I have never been so happy in my life than I am right now. It's just honestly living the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you want more happiness in your lives, then make more sacrifices and read your scriptures everyday! Like really read them and pray with all your heart. And gain a testimony because you will get blessing after blessing and you will see a difference in your life. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Boyd Frampton Lives On . . .

This week started out a little different then I expected, and ended out being one of the best weeks of my life! 

I started out the week with a phone called from my misión presdiente. He told me that my grandpa had passed away. I'll be honest, it was hard! It was the first time in my life that I experienced someone really close to me passing away. I really didn't know what to do! I didn't have my family there with me to talk to. It  was really hard to think that when I return me won't be there. 


He was my hero... I can remember my last day in the states and he took me out to CHUCK A RAMA  ha ha What a legend! Really, this guys played a huge role in life. I cant explain the impact that he had on my life and the things he did for me and my family. It's interesting how it works. I truly have noticed the plan that God has for us and how amazing it is. I've been thinking about the man that grandpa was. He was a dentist in the Army and his family life wasn't the best growing up. His  father was a drinker and wasn't a great example for him, but i think the fact that he was able to become the person that he was is a miracle. He was able to teach my dad how to be a father and my dad has taught me so much in this life. It's interesting the chain of people--the way my dad and grandpa have been a part of my life and, now the people that I am teaching and meeting and helping. Really the things that I am teaching them are things that my father taught me. It's almost like the relay race of life--my GRANDPA passed the knowledge to my DAD, and my dad passed it to me and now I have this opportunity to pass this knowledge on to the people that I come in contact with.


When i found out he passed, I was a little sad, but mostly I realized that this is exactly what I teach the people here everyday. I teach about this góspel and how we can live with our families forever and he was able to receive this góspel and my heart is at peace.

It was really interesting because that next day after he died, multiple times in the day, people told me things that really helped me, and nobody knew that he had died. One of the miembros here told me things that really shocked me because it was exactly what I needed to hear and I know that God was there for me through these people.

This Saturday I baptized a lady named Marta. I met Marta when I first got here and I have been working with her this whole time! We really have become good friends. She told me that this is the first time in her life that she has ever felt like anyone has ever supported her. Wow, I felt so lucky to able to give her that support she needed. She asked me to baptize her and it was amazing. So espiritual, wow! When I was in the wáter with her, I could feel my grandpa with me in this momento. I know he has been serving with me this week and he will be there with me for the rest of my misión. We also baptized Ceasar this week and it was also amazing. 

This góspel is real. I really have seen the power that it was has to change lives.

Big shout out to my dad, BIG Al. It  was his birthday yesterday! I love you dad!

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!! 


from Elder Zachary BOYD Frampton

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The best of times, the worst of times . . .

Hey family, 

How are you guys? How is grandpa? How is everything with him? It's so hard not knowing how he is doing! It has been a tough week not knowing, but dang, he's not doing very good? Man, I hope he can make it until Christmas so I can see his face! That's great that you guys are there taking care of him. 


This is my week: 

I had another great week out here in Parte Alta, but this week went a little different then I expected. Last week when I was reading the letters from my family I found out that my grandpa had fallen and broke his hip. It was difficult for me to soak all that in in the 1 hour that I have to write and then get back to work without knowing how he was doing.  And the fact that I can't do anything to help is tough. 

This week really gave me the opportunity to put my trust in the lord. On top of that, this week I faced something really difficult for me too! Last week I wrote about my good friend Bastion and how incredible he was doing and everything.  So this week we were preparing him for his baptism and because it was supposed to be this Sunday, we had the interview and everything was perfect. All we needed was to the permission from the parents, but they said no. Wow. Ya, it was really rough, especially because i wasn't even there, I was in a intercambio so I wasn't there to talk with the parents. I was only able to hear about what happened, Apparently his dad was drunk and freaking out at my companion, and told them to never come back. Ya, I know . . . broke my heart to hear that too! I haven't seen him since. 

So, ya this week has really given me the opportunity to put all my faith in the Lord. Me and my companion fasted this Sunday and WE'RE GOING TO PASS BY TODAY BECAUSE THE LORD SENT US HERE TO BRING SOULS UNTO CHRIST AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO! 

I know the dad said to never come back, but we are going to return to the house today with a cake and I'll let you know how it goes next week! 

It has been a bit of a tough week and I had a few tough moments, but I also had some amazing moments. 

We found a family this week and its was absolutely amazing. I honestly can say that the Lord prepares these people here in Chile for us to teach because I witnessed a miracle in this lesson. So we were teaching this family the 1st lesson about the restoration and during the lesson I saw a picture of the when Jose Smith received the priesthood from Peter,  James, and John. As I was showing her this she said,  "Wow, STOP, I'VE SEEN HIM BEFORE" (pointing to one of the apostles) "I've seen him in my dreams. He has helped me a lot in my life."  My mouth dropped. She said that it was the first time she's ever seen that picture. I know that the Lord was preparing here to receive this message, and I know that the Lord was there for me when I needed him and I put my trust in him. Without a doubt he was there in that lesson because I've never understood or spoken better Spanish in my life than in that lesson.

The Lord is truly there for all of us in our trials. Just trust him!

I also had some funny experiences too. Some kid threw a water balloon at me when I was walking in the street! Kinda hurt my feelings. ha ha 

Also when I had intercambios, me and my companion decided to go teach in this old folks home. ha ha So we snuck in there with all these old guys and started playing Dominos with them.  Then we started teaching them.  Then we got kicked out!! ha ha 

Oh, I saw some dolphins with week and ate crab too, so that was cool!  

My favorite part of this whole week was that I got to baptize the son of the most legendary pirate!   Enrique asked me to baptize his son (Gonzalo) and it was an amazing experience to be in the water with Gonzalo. I was a little scared he was gonna make me walk the plank or something like that. lol but, ya it was amazing. His mom came and everything and he was so excited. 

It was an amazing week and I really had a chance to let our Heavenly Father show me the way.

You guys are freaking awesome!! Thanks for everything!!! I'm doing great here! I love it! Don't worry about me!! Take care of grandpa for me!! Love you guys!

Elder Frampton

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tio Frampton and The Truman Show

Hey family,  I love all you guys! I can't believe that grandpa fell this week. It was really hard for me to hear that. I started think about all the amazing things that man has done for me and our family, and words can't describe the effect he had on our family and on my life! I'm soooo grateful for the time that we had to together. I think about the message that I'm preaching right now about the plan that our Father in Heaven has for us and it brings me peace because I know I will see Boyd Frampton again.  I'm forever honored to have the name BOYD in my name and in my life!! "I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!!"

 I love you grandpa! I have faith, and we can do this.

WOW, it's amazing how fast this week went again. Sitting here writing again is seriously crazy, but ya, I had another great week and I'm doing really good, I'm really starting to feel comfortable here, which is way nice, but at the same time it's almost a Little bit too comfortable. I'm starting to know all the different groups of people on the different streets at the different times of day. For example, when we first leave the casa in the morning, we pass the garbage men on the same street everyday, and so I'm pretty tight with them now. And there is a "Pancake crew" which is a group of old ladies who are always cooking pancakes outside their house. Also we have the "HELLO MY FRIENDS" group, which is a group of teenagers that we pass on the way home to our house every night and they shout, "HELLO MY FRIENDS" because they think it's sooo funny. I'm starting to think I'm on The Truman Show ha ha. 

I even know all the dogs and what dogs are on what street, so I started giving them names. My personal favorites are Snuggles and Cuddles on Billboa Street. 

A quick pirate update. So we were going to have the baptism last Sunday, but his mom who lives in Santiago wants to come to his baptism so we are going to it this Sunday. Less goooooo. I'll  have pictures next p-day!

All my investigators are doing great! It's been so fun teaching them this week. I'm really starting to enjoy the teaching part of the mission. Especially to all the Little kids I am teaching. They now call me "TIO" which means uncle, so now I'm known as TIO Frampton.

A couple of cool experiences that I had this week:  one was with one of my friends name Bastion.  He is 14 and he is super shy. We have been teaching him almost three weeks now and he doesn't have any brothers or sisters or that many friends in his life right now.  He told me that he feels lonely a lot, and so this week when we went to teach him I brought one of the members of the young men's to come teach with us and to just be a friend to him. I've never felt so happy to see the smile on this kids face when Diego (the kid from the young men's) invited him to church. He was soo happy to feel a part of something. Wow! and I truly have seen a change in him since then. He is so outgoing and everything, and he is going to get baptized this Sunday.

Another cool experience I had this week was with an old man who can't hear or speak. Ya, it WAS AWESOME!! Last Sunday I saw this man who was wearing a Steelers sweatshirt and obviously I was going to talk to him because he was wearing the Steelers shirt.  How are the Steelers doing by the way?? But anyway, so I went to talk  to him and I quickly found out he couldn't speak or hear.  This week we went to visit him and his wife, and with a Little bit of help from his wife, and my amazing acting ability, I was able to listen and share my thoughts. It was amazing the spirit this man has and the spirit I felt even though he can't speak or hear. We are actually really good friends now and he sat by me at church this Sunday. He is awesome!

Well, it's been another great week. I love you guys.

Tio Frampton

Monday, December 1, 2014

Helping a Pirate Find Treasure

Wooooooooowwwww, what a fast week. I cant believe that I am sitting here writing again. This week might have been the fastest week of my mission so far. I think its because me and my companion have been working so hard this week! We seriously went ham this week!!! A lot of things happened so let me just fill you in on what is going on with the our work here in "THE PARTE." So first off, I love this work!! I literally get to talk to people all day long. It's freaking awesome. I love it. Like it's my job to talk to people. how cool is that? But also right now it's weird. I'm teaching all kids.  We have five baptism dates and four of them are with kids 13 and younger! I just have a connection with those kids I guess.  I love teaching kids. They are sooo pure and fun! We should have a baptism every week this month, so that is so cool! I'm sooo pumped and grateful for the success we are having here in "THE PARTE." 

Ok, so this week I had a couple of really cool experiences and some funny ones too. I'll start off with the spiritual.  This is the legend of "CAP'N JACK." It's an amazing story about one of my best friends named Enrique, who is a PIRATE!! So the story starts out one night in the great country of Chile at 9:15 p.m., as me and my companion are walking home after a long days work. As we are walking home I see a man across the street with his two kids and I had a strong feeling that I needed to talk to him, so I went over and talked to him. At this time in my mission I couldn't speak or understand very well, but I knew that I needed to talk with him. As we started talking, I quickly noticed he was dressed in all this pirate garb, and he even had a hook . . . No, he didn't have a hook, but that would have been cool! But ya, we started talking and he told me that he was homeless. I felt really bad for him and his kids and I wanted to help him so bad, but we had to go and that was that!  

After a couple of weeks with my new companion, we happened to come across him in the street again and so I went up to him and with the little Spanish I could speak, I told him that if he came to the church that Sunday, he would find a house. That week I prayed so hard for this man to come to church, and guess what?? He came.  That Sunday I talked to the ward and asked them if they could help this man find a house, and YESTERDAY HE CALLED ME AND TOLD ME THAT HE FOUND A HOUSE! AT THAT MOMENT MY HEART WAS FULL BECAUSE I KNEW THAT GOD BLESSED HIM WITH THIS HOUSE BECAUSE HE CAME TO CHURCH. 

NEXT WEEK WE ARE GOING TO BAPTIZE HIS SON, GONZALO! It was a miracle!! I'm so grateful that I could help this guy out! HE FOUND HIS TREASURE!

Ok, so remember how I told you that I was starting to organize a soccer game every Monday? So last week we had a game and it was super fun. They are unreal at soccer here. It's crazy! But anyway, they taught me this other game that they play in Chile and so I was super pumped to play, you know? And we started playing and apparently I lost. I'm not sure how cause I was dominating! but I guess I lost and so then the craziest thing happened to me. Everyone that was playing--like 30 little Chileans just started charging at me!!! it was the scariest thing ever! It was like that part in Spy kids when all the teenage robots attack!! Ya, so all these little Chileans start tackling me and get me to the ground and then and they start chanting this weird Spanish saying that I didn't understand. And then each of them grabbed one of my arms and legs and lifted me up and started running in different directions!!!! I'm not kidding! Picture that!! Like this tall skinny gringo being torn apart by a herd of Chileans! ha ha ha Apparently it's like the punishment when you lose or something,  so ya, that was funny . . . really hurt though!

And also something really cool that happened this week was with one of my recent converts, maria, who was baptized like three weeks ago. She is so cool! But anyway,  the ward went to the temple this week and this girl,  Maria was able to get the temple work done for her father that passed away when she was eight! how freaking amazing is that?? Wow, words can't describe the feelings I had after hearing that! 

I love the mission!! Like, seriously wow! It's incredible! Helping a pirate find treasure, getting my arms and legs ripped off, and building the kingdom of God!!

 Elder Frampton