Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The best of times, the worst of times . . .

Hey family, 

How are you guys? How is grandpa? How is everything with him? It's so hard not knowing how he is doing! It has been a tough week not knowing, but dang, he's not doing very good? Man, I hope he can make it until Christmas so I can see his face! That's great that you guys are there taking care of him. 


This is my week: 

I had another great week out here in Parte Alta, but this week went a little different then I expected. Last week when I was reading the letters from my family I found out that my grandpa had fallen and broke his hip. It was difficult for me to soak all that in in the 1 hour that I have to write and then get back to work without knowing how he was doing.  And the fact that I can't do anything to help is tough. 

This week really gave me the opportunity to put my trust in the lord. On top of that, this week I faced something really difficult for me too! Last week I wrote about my good friend Bastion and how incredible he was doing and everything.  So this week we were preparing him for his baptism and because it was supposed to be this Sunday, we had the interview and everything was perfect. All we needed was to the permission from the parents, but they said no. Wow. Ya, it was really rough, especially because i wasn't even there, I was in a intercambio so I wasn't there to talk with the parents. I was only able to hear about what happened, Apparently his dad was drunk and freaking out at my companion, and told them to never come back. Ya, I know . . . broke my heart to hear that too! I haven't seen him since. 

So, ya this week has really given me the opportunity to put all my faith in the Lord. Me and my companion fasted this Sunday and WE'RE GOING TO PASS BY TODAY BECAUSE THE LORD SENT US HERE TO BRING SOULS UNTO CHRIST AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO! 

I know the dad said to never come back, but we are going to return to the house today with a cake and I'll let you know how it goes next week! 

It has been a bit of a tough week and I had a few tough moments, but I also had some amazing moments. 

We found a family this week and its was absolutely amazing. I honestly can say that the Lord prepares these people here in Chile for us to teach because I witnessed a miracle in this lesson. So we were teaching this family the 1st lesson about the restoration and during the lesson I saw a picture of the when Jose Smith received the priesthood from Peter,  James, and John. As I was showing her this she said,  "Wow, STOP, I'VE SEEN HIM BEFORE" (pointing to one of the apostles) "I've seen him in my dreams. He has helped me a lot in my life."  My mouth dropped. She said that it was the first time she's ever seen that picture. I know that the Lord was preparing here to receive this message, and I know that the Lord was there for me when I needed him and I put my trust in him. Without a doubt he was there in that lesson because I've never understood or spoken better Spanish in my life than in that lesson.

The Lord is truly there for all of us in our trials. Just trust him!

I also had some funny experiences too. Some kid threw a water balloon at me when I was walking in the street! Kinda hurt my feelings. ha ha 

Also when I had intercambios, me and my companion decided to go teach in this old folks home. ha ha So we snuck in there with all these old guys and started playing Dominos with them.  Then we started teaching them.  Then we got kicked out!! ha ha 

Oh, I saw some dolphins with week and ate crab too, so that was cool!  

My favorite part of this whole week was that I got to baptize the son of the most legendary pirate!   Enrique asked me to baptize his son (Gonzalo) and it was an amazing experience to be in the water with Gonzalo. I was a little scared he was gonna make me walk the plank or something like that. lol but, ya it was amazing. His mom came and everything and he was so excited. 

It was an amazing week and I really had a chance to let our Heavenly Father show me the way.

You guys are freaking awesome!! Thanks for everything!!! I'm doing great here! I love it! Don't worry about me!! Take care of grandpa for me!! Love you guys!

Elder Frampton

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