Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Spirit is in the Details

Alright, Alright, Alright,  imma bout to give a quick update on my mission and life as AP.

To sum it up in a about three words . . . I AM TIRED! I'll tell you right now that I've never been soooo tired in my life. Like literally, I'm exhausted! I thought that I couldn't get more tired than I was when I did QUINCY LEWIS CONDITIONING (those who have done it know what I mean), but I can now say that being an AP is even more tiring. Maybe not as much physically, but mentally YES, which is even tougher! 

You're probably asking what is it that we have to do? I think the best way to answer that question is by saying that we do everything. Every little detail to make the missionaries and president happy, we do it. Every little detail to make the mission run smoothly. There is a lot of responsibility and it is tough.  I don't sleep a lot and you guys know I like my beauty sleep. The last three days we had like nine hours of sleep. 

I  am learning a lot lot lot lot of things right now if my life.  I think what I'm learning right now more then anything in my mission and in my life is that "THE SPIRIT IS IN THE DETAILS!" The spirit truly helps me know which details to organize first. Something so simple and yet the spirit guides me. For example, if we have a conference with one of the zones in the mission, first we have to tell the zone and give out assignments. Then we have to make sure the church is clean and that we have enough chairs and that the projector works and the screen works and the microphone works. And that the bathrooms are clean and there is toilet paper and the bus tickets are purchased so the missionaries can come. Then we have to call all the missionaries so that they prepare their talks and tell them what to bring.  Then we have to make sure that the camera is ready to take pictures with president and his wife. There are just sooo many little details just for a little conference you know? It's amazing. 

I'm so grateful that I'm having this experience because before I never realized how much work and effort people put into events in my life so that I had a good experience and enjoyed myself.  Now I'm realizing that and I'm literally having to change the way i think. Like I have to always be thinking one step ahead. I always have to be aware of what's going on and what I will do if something goes wrong. I'm always thinking what to do if President's mic doesn't work, or if the camera doesn't have batteries. It's a constant thinking process and stressful thing, and its crazy how much I'm changing in that aspect. Now I'm always aware of the details and thinking one step ahead! 


So that is just a little bit about what I'm learning and experiencing here in the mission. There is so much I could share about the mission but I don't have enough time, and honestly I didn't work in the field this week more than a total of five hours.  We have been so busy doing all the transfers and we had to close two pensions this week and we had to go to Santiago twice this week. 

But it was a great week, I won't lie. I enjoyed it, and the mission is running smoothly. I feel like the president is really proud of me and trusts me a lot and I kinda feel like he's like a grandpa to me! its been a dream come true being able to work with him so closely! We actually have been playing soccer together in the mornings too! 

But, ya I miss the field. The 5 hours we did have this week we killed it and enjoyed it and helped a lot of people! I traded my tie with my friend Oscar that I found in the street. 

I am learning how important it is to be example and to be happy even when I get stressed sometimes. 

I love the mission. I love God and his prefect plan. I know he loves me and trusts me because he gives me these times to grow! I love this calling and I love Jesus Christ and the atonement. That's the only thing that keeps me going out here. If I didn't feel the love and grace of my Father in Heaven and through his son Jesus Christ and his atonement I wouldn't be able to keep going and pushing. But I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and my brother and he will come again and that God is teaching me and preparing me to became like him and to live with him and my family one day. Knowing that, and FEELING THAT, makes me feel like there is NOTHING in this world that can stop me from achieving it. 

Less gooooo! Lets do this. We keep pushing because we got vision, baby. We got eternal vision!

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