Monday, March 30, 2015

Even Bigger Hills!

I GOT TRANSFERRED!!!! AND I'M A ZONE LEADER NOW!?  Ya, I was shocked, but I'm super excited!!!! 
Sooo, Tuesday I found out that I was leaving, and that day all the missionaries that were also leaving the Norte got on a bus and we headed off to Vina for the change meetings! 
I kinda felt like I was going to leave so I was able to say goodbye to some of my family in the Parte Alta. It was pretty hard to say goodbye to them. It was almost like leaving my family again! I HAD SUCH AN AMAZING TIME THERE! But I'm for sure going back there one day! I felt good because I knew I gave my best there.
So we got on the bus and went to the meeting, and I found out that I was called to VALPARAISO and I'M A ZONA LIDER, which surprised me, and everyone, I think.  I met my new comp and he is awesome. We are getting along great and he is an amazing missionary. He was an assistant, so ya, he is unreal. I'm pumped for this change.

Then I had interchange the day after I got here, with the assistants, so then I went to Vina for a day and it which was cool to learn from the assistants.  Then I came back to Valparaiso, and now I'm here. 

It was such a crazy week. . . . I'm doing great . . . I now have less time to write because I have to do lider de zona things ha ha ha, but I love Valparaiso. It's great.

But, guess what? It has even bigger hills than Parte Alta. ha ha ha ha ha ha Parte Alta was just practice for Valpo! I'm serious. ha ha.  It's okay. I'm ready! Bring it on!

Gotta go, but it was a great week. I'm pumped to be here and to be a missionary and to serve the Lord! LESS GO 

Elder Frampton

Monday, March 23, 2015

Good Windows

Holaaaaaaaa! What a great weeeeek! This week was fant├ístico!   ha ha ha ha Wow, check out my  Spanish! But it really was great. Me and my comp are just in beast mode right now--just loving the mission. We are in complete flow, kinda like Stockton and Malone. Just loving it!

We have changes this Wednesday and I'm almost positive that I'm leaving because I have been in Parte Alta for 6 months! I'm a little sad that these are probably my last couple of days here. I can't tell you guys enough how much this place has changed my life . . . and my legs. Ha ha They are ripped now! No, but really, I love everyone here. These people are like my family. Like I was born here ha ha! I'm going to miss these guys, but it was a great way to end my service here in the Parte Alta with two more amazing baptisms! 

This past Sunday we had the baptisms of Misol and Alan! It was such a beautiful service and the spirit was really strong. its a cute story with Alan! He is 9 years old and turns out that he was really afraid of the water, so he wanted to be baptized, but he was scared. Before the baptism he prayed that he wouldn't have fear to enter the water. It was so cute. Then when it came time to enter in the font I'm pretty sure he wanted to go swimming, that's how excited he was! He didn't have any fear! He is so cute. He is like my little bro!

Also with Misol, it was amazing! It was such blessing to able to teach her, but more just to become such good friends! It was really cool, after she got baptized, she bore her testimony and said that when she woke up she was feeling a little  conflicted about her baptism and wasn't sure if it was what she should do. She said that she prayed and asked God if this was the path that she should take in her life and she she said when she came to church that day she received an answer in one of the sacrament talks. She said she knew it was an answer from God! Such a blessing and a miracle! 

We went over to her house after to talk with her and she went on to thank us for changing her life. I told her that we didn't do anything, but that it was the work of God. I said we are like the window that he passes through and she said " ustedes son buenas ventanas entonces" which means you guys are good windows then. ha ha! Then she asked when she could go on a mission. SHE WANTS TO GO ON A MISSION! Soo cool! I'm way grateful for the mission!

Also there was a spider in our house that almost ate me this week!

Wyatt, dude--2 Nephi???? So proud dude. That's big time. Keep it up man because I know you'll keep getting more blessings. I really needed a letter like that man. I know that God inspired you to write me that cause it was exactly what I needed! Thanks Wyatt! I keep thinking about you and what Quincy said about how you surprised him and how you never gave up and never backed down! That's what I'm talking about. I loved your letter because I missed a lot of opportunities that I should have taken to spend more time with the family. In the mission I've been so grateful for you guys and I think I took that for granted a little when I was at home! I'm so glad that you have learned that now! Enjoy the time you have with Garrett and mom and dad! I'm excited to get back and spend more time together.

Garrett, thanks for your letter too, bro. I heard that Quincy might be leaving, dude! That's nuts man. But honestly what's most important for you right now is to just get to work! You gotta hit it hard like you have before! It doesn't matter who the coach is. Get to work and have fun, right?

But ya, it was a great week! I love the mission! 

Love you guys. Have a great week!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Jesus Christ Really Lives!

March 9th 


Hey, what's going on? Another week bites the dust. ha ha! I had an awesome week. I really have just started to enjoy all the mission and I think it's because I really am trying to focus on real intent. It really just helps me to have motivation and strength in life. It's awesome!!!

I had a really cool experience this week. We met this lady the other day and we started to talk to her and get to know her and she is super sweet. As she started to share her story and everything, she said that we were an answer to her pray and that they day before we met her she had a class with her science teacher and told her that God doesn't exist and she wasn't sure what to think and she started to doubt. She said when we arrived at her house she knew that it was her answer and it was exactly what she needed! How cool is that? She came to church and everything and she is going to be baptized next Sunday! 

Also I have been working with a couple and we have been trying to help this progress in church and get married and this week the told us that they have a date to get married!!!!! WOWOWOWOW! 

ALSO IT BEEN WAY COOL TO WATCH SOME OF OUR CONVERTS WHO HAVE STARTED SEMINARY! Also, Adi received the priesthood on Sunday. wowowowowow!

My spiritual thought this week is alma 31:31. I love how Alma doesn't ask for the Lord to take away his afflictions, but he asks for strength to overcome them and be patient through them because he knew he needed to suffer to grow. He also knew that in the way we suffer we shall grow. Suffer with patience! 

Garrett, I'll never forget everything that you have taught me! I try always try to have the same joy and happiness that you have when I'm interacting with the people of Chile! and your never-back-down attitude that you have! I remember when you had to guard me and TJ in practice and even though I was your oldest brother you never let that get to you and you always fought til the end! Have that attitude in everything that you do, bro! if you not reading the scriptures, read them bro! And don't read them because I'm telling you to, but because you want to know the truth!!! Love you! Keep balling out and helping Wyatt and everyone around you man! 

Wyatt, I'm so proud that you are reading your scriptures man and saying your prayers. It's cool that you are already seeing that it really does help. If you can really gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon right now you will avoid a lot problems that others may have! Dude, just want to tell how great of an example you are for me! I think about the man you are for the age that you are and it is amazing, especially living in this world where we have so much temptation! It's really cool to see the way you have handled the things that you have had to face in your life! It's weird to think of life  like this, but be grateful for all the things you have gone you through because it is blessing your life and the lives of many others, including mine! So thanks man! Right now I'm reading in Alma! I love chapter 17 and 26. If you read and learn these chapter you will become the best missionary you can be. Love you Wyatt! 

March 16th 

Hollllaaaa ¿como estan? Hey, elder framp is back!!!!! Another week in the books out here in Chile!!! It was another awesome week, but crazy how fast the weeks are flying by, am I right? I am going on 7 months in the mission now! I feel like I just started my mission! 

This week we attended dos funerales. We found two of the members in our ward had passed, one of them being our next door neighbor, so that was a little sad.  It's so weird because before the mission I never experienced death, but since the mission I feel like everyone is dying, or close to dying. But I know that there is a reason for it. I really have gained a testimony of the plan of salvation, and I'm grateful that I had the chance to help and comfort the families! But still, it was a little sad. I thought of big Framps gramps and Gigi too. But it helped me feel peace that they are okay!

This next Sunday we are going to have 2 baptisms!!!!! I am super pumped for that, especially if this is my last Sunday in Parte Alta! I'm thinking it is because we have change next Wednesday. It would be cool to finish with two more baptisms.

We had a zone conference and this week and for the first time I saw some of my friends from the MTC. It was cool to see how we have all grow up! And I felt like I was back in society again ha ha ha ha!

I think I talked a little bit about Misol, the 16 year old girl and her mom in my last letter, right? These last 2 weeks I've able to teach her and talk with her and in these last two weeks, I've never seen such a change in somebody so fast through Jesus Cristo! I talked with her mom the other day and she was just like crying telling us how grateful she was for us because she thought she had lost Misol, but since we started teaching her and she started going to church and reading The Book of Mormon she is a different person. It's an amazing feeling to see someone change so much through Jesus Christ! I'm excited for her baptism this week! 

The Church is true and Jesus Christ really lives!

Elder Frampton

Monday, March 2, 2015

Land Ho!

I had a great week here in the land of the hills, although I'm not sure what what happened because I've never walked so much in my life. I feel like every single appointment that we had fell through this week so we were left to wander the streets this whole week ha ha ha! I had like seven cramps this week! or should I say FRAMPS lol ha ha ha ha

A few funny things that happened this week. I had a bit of a confusion in my Spanish. So we were knocking doors and we started talking to this lady and she said something about how she lost her dog, but I thought she said she lost her husband because partner and dog are kinda similar in Spanish ha ha So I JUST START BEARING MY TESTIMONY about the Plan of Salvation ha ha ha ha ha and then she starts looking at me all weird and stuff and I realized I was a little lost. My comp was just cracking up! 

Also my comp says I'm teaching lessons in Spanish in my sleep ha ha! 


Also, we got to spend some time with Enrique, our pirate investigator. 

But ya, it was a great week! Right now I'm really trying to do everything I do with a true intention! I've been thinking about this lately and how important it is to have a real intention--like in the mission, I want to really teach the people because I love then and not because I need to have good numbers for president. Or really clean my room because I want to not because I know my mom will be mad if I don't. Or go to school because I want to learn, not because I am required to. I don't know, I have been trying to develop this level of love for everything I do! Do it with real intent! 

It's so sad to hear all that happened at Lone Peak this week.  I'm so so happy to hear that Wyatt and Garrett are getting involved in the lives of other people and that they rose to the occasion! We need leaders in the school. Wyatt and Garrett I am proud to be your bro. Always look to help others.  We need more people like Christ today! I love you guys. And mom and dad thanks for everything! Every day I'm more and more grateful for you guys! 

Love you guys! Have a great week! Chao!

Lone peak is in my prayers!