Monday, March 2, 2015

Land Ho!

I had a great week here in the land of the hills, although I'm not sure what what happened because I've never walked so much in my life. I feel like every single appointment that we had fell through this week so we were left to wander the streets this whole week ha ha ha! I had like seven cramps this week! or should I say FRAMPS lol ha ha ha ha

A few funny things that happened this week. I had a bit of a confusion in my Spanish. So we were knocking doors and we started talking to this lady and she said something about how she lost her dog, but I thought she said she lost her husband because partner and dog are kinda similar in Spanish ha ha So I JUST START BEARING MY TESTIMONY about the Plan of Salvation ha ha ha ha ha and then she starts looking at me all weird and stuff and I realized I was a little lost. My comp was just cracking up! 

Also my comp says I'm teaching lessons in Spanish in my sleep ha ha! 


Also, we got to spend some time with Enrique, our pirate investigator. 

But ya, it was a great week! Right now I'm really trying to do everything I do with a true intention! I've been thinking about this lately and how important it is to have a real intention--like in the mission, I want to really teach the people because I love then and not because I need to have good numbers for president. Or really clean my room because I want to not because I know my mom will be mad if I don't. Or go to school because I want to learn, not because I am required to. I don't know, I have been trying to develop this level of love for everything I do! Do it with real intent! 

It's so sad to hear all that happened at Lone Peak this week.  I'm so so happy to hear that Wyatt and Garrett are getting involved in the lives of other people and that they rose to the occasion! We need leaders in the school. Wyatt and Garrett I am proud to be your bro. Always look to help others.  We need more people like Christ today! I love you guys. And mom and dad thanks for everything! Every day I'm more and more grateful for you guys! 

Love you guys! Have a great week! Chao!

Lone peak is in my prayers!

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