Monday, March 30, 2015

Even Bigger Hills!

I GOT TRANSFERRED!!!! AND I'M A ZONE LEADER NOW!?  Ya, I was shocked, but I'm super excited!!!! 
Sooo, Tuesday I found out that I was leaving, and that day all the missionaries that were also leaving the Norte got on a bus and we headed off to Vina for the change meetings! 
I kinda felt like I was going to leave so I was able to say goodbye to some of my family in the Parte Alta. It was pretty hard to say goodbye to them. It was almost like leaving my family again! I HAD SUCH AN AMAZING TIME THERE! But I'm for sure going back there one day! I felt good because I knew I gave my best there.
So we got on the bus and went to the meeting, and I found out that I was called to VALPARAISO and I'M A ZONA LIDER, which surprised me, and everyone, I think.  I met my new comp and he is awesome. We are getting along great and he is an amazing missionary. He was an assistant, so ya, he is unreal. I'm pumped for this change.

Then I had interchange the day after I got here, with the assistants, so then I went to Vina for a day and it which was cool to learn from the assistants.  Then I came back to Valparaiso, and now I'm here. 

It was such a crazy week. . . . I'm doing great . . . I now have less time to write because I have to do lider de zona things ha ha ha, but I love Valparaiso. It's great.

But, guess what? It has even bigger hills than Parte Alta. ha ha ha ha ha ha Parte Alta was just practice for Valpo! I'm serious. ha ha.  It's okay. I'm ready! Bring it on!

Gotta go, but it was a great week. I'm pumped to be here and to be a missionary and to serve the Lord! LESS GO 

Elder Frampton

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