Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I don't have any time . . .

How is everything going!? So you guys are in St. George together!! THAT'S SWEET. WE HAD SOME GREAT TIMES THERE! We will have to go when I get back! Sorry, but I don't really have like any time! Being zone leader I have to use a lot of my time on the computer to write forms and stuff so I don't have like any time to write anyone like a full on letter.

Just know that I'm doing great! I feel great. I have my first zone meeting tomorrow! Me and my companion or getting along great! We are having a great time and I am learning a lot! We had a meeting with all the zone leaders this week and that was awesome! But ya, like everything is great! I witnessed a miracle this week! It was crazy! I don't have time to write it this week but next week I will tell you what happened!

I LOVED conference. I got a lot of great stuff out of it! A lot of answer to my questions, and I got a lot of revelation for the family too! But, hey thanks so much for your letters and I'm sorry I just don't have time . . . it's crazy! But I love you, Have an amazing week and know that I'm great.

Hey, Wyatt and Garrett, I love you guys, and hope you guys are doing good! I miss you guys a lot and sorry I don't have a ton of time to write, but thanks for the letters. Keep reading the BOM and praying! Love you guys. Thanks for everything.


Elder Frampton

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