Thursday, April 23, 2015

I love the mission!!!!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy family!!!!! 

Thanks for the letters this week. I always love reading them. I miss you guys and I think about you every day! Soooooo crazy Tatum will be coming home soon! I'm so excited for her. Tatum just seems like such a good missionary. I would love for her to be in my zone. lol 

Sounds like Wyatt is doing better! That's great, man. Keep fighting. Keep reading those scriptures, man. Everything is gonna work out just how it should! You know if I was at home I'd be chilling with you watching The Office! ha ha If you ever get lonely just know I'm there in spirit! That's crazy that Quincy came over! That shows that he actually does care for the players a lot! 

Garrett didn't really write me much, but sounds like he is doing good too! Tell him to write me more! And thanks mom for the letters. You really are a really good writer. I love them!

I'm doing way good! We had a baptism this week and we are going to have another one this week too, so I'm stoked about that! But honestly, like I don't even remember what happened this week. I'm just in the flow, you know? I'm just in beast mode! ha ha

I love the mission. I seriously feel sooo happy right now in my life! Like I was thinking about it and I don't remember the last time I felt mad . . . really I don't think I've been mad once on my mission. I just feel the spirit really strong in my life and I'm loving it! I just want to always feel this sprirt! ALWAYS. 

I love you guys! Have another great week! 


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