Monday, April 13, 2015

The Holy Ghost is Real. I Know!

Alright, alright, alright! I'm gonna take some to time to fill everyone in! 

Firsts things first, this week I realized that my comp looks just like JACOB FROM TWLIGHT jajajajajaja! Dead serious! it's way funny. 

But me and my comp are killing it out here. We are seriously like best friends, which is way cool! But, okay, let me fill you in on everything that;s happening.

So I just barely became zone leader and this week I had my first zone conference and it went great. I was a little nervous at first, but it went great. Also this week we had an interview with our president and it was also great, but this will be my last interview with this president, which is is a little sad. He is a really good president! Umm, also as a zone leader I have to do something called intercambios, which is exchanges with other missionaries from the zone just to learn from other missionaries. Do you guys wanna hear what happened on my first intercambio? jaja Well, let's just say it wasn't pretty jaja I got super sick with the stomach flu and it killed me. I got the DOUBLE DRAGON (where you gotta go to the bathroom and throw up at the same time) We were out in the streets and it hit me hard. I tried to make it back to the house, but I couldn't and I ended up just throwing up in the streets. jajajajaja It was terrible. jaja In front of a bunch of people too! It was bad. But don't worry, I'm feeling better now!

A little about Valpo . . . about a ago there was a huge fire here in Valpo and it took out a lot of the houses here. It has been crazy to see how this fire has impacted this place, and actually yesterday it was the year mark of when this fire happened and the people were celebrating in the streets! 

Also I had a really cool experience the other day. I'll just share the short version. We were walking around and we get to this house and there was a man sitting outside. We asked why he was sitting outside and he said that he couldn't get inside because the door was locked and his family was sleeping and couldn't hear him knocking! It was pretty late and we felt bad, so we sat outside and started to get to know this man. I felt impressed to tell him the we are all children of God and because of that he has given us a way that we can talk to him and ask for help through prayer! I told him that if we pray to God and ask him to open the door, he will do it! The door will open! He said okay, and then he asked me to pray. So in my prayer I asked God to open the door.  It  was about 9 o clock and as missionaries we have to be home at 9:30, so we got up after the prayer and knocked the door . . . Nothing. I said to myself, it's okay, we just have to be patient! So we waited and knocked again.  Nothing! So I said to myself again, don't worry, it will open!

But after doing this for 25 minutes I started to get nervous because this man now thought we were crazy. So me and my comp said that we had to stick it out till 9:30 and then we could leave. So when 9:30 came around, we said, "Alright, this is our last time." We knocked the door again, one last time, just praying it would open, and  . . . nothing! I turned to the man and told him that I was sorry, and that I really thought that the door was gonna open, and then I said, "Look, we have to go, but I hope you can get into your house," and right when I stuck my hand out to say goodbye, THE DOOR SWUNG OPEN!  It was a miracle. I looked at my comp in complete shock! I knew in that moment that God was testing us to see if we would stick it out!

Another cool experience I had is when me and my comp were setting everything up for zone conference. We were stressed because we couldn't find the cord that connects the computer and the projector and we had been searching for it for a long time. We just couldn't find it anywhere! So we decided to say a prayer and I'm not kidding, in the prayer I knew exactly where it was. Like God put an image in my head right where it was and right after the prayer I looked where God showed me it was and there it was! It was crazy! The holy ghost is real! I know! 

But hey, that's a little bit about what is going on with me right now! 

Love you guys! 

Elder Frampton

P.S. One of Tatum's friends from Paris is serving here in Chile. 

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