Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Boyd Frampton Lives On . . .

This week started out a little different then I expected, and ended out being one of the best weeks of my life! 

I started out the week with a phone called from my misión presdiente. He told me that my grandpa had passed away. I'll be honest, it was hard! It was the first time in my life that I experienced someone really close to me passing away. I really didn't know what to do! I didn't have my family there with me to talk to. It  was really hard to think that when I return me won't be there. 


He was my hero... I can remember my last day in the states and he took me out to CHUCK A RAMA  ha ha What a legend! Really, this guys played a huge role in life. I cant explain the impact that he had on my life and the things he did for me and my family. It's interesting how it works. I truly have noticed the plan that God has for us and how amazing it is. I've been thinking about the man that grandpa was. He was a dentist in the Army and his family life wasn't the best growing up. His  father was a drinker and wasn't a great example for him, but i think the fact that he was able to become the person that he was is a miracle. He was able to teach my dad how to be a father and my dad has taught me so much in this life. It's interesting the chain of people--the way my dad and grandpa have been a part of my life and, now the people that I am teaching and meeting and helping. Really the things that I am teaching them are things that my father taught me. It's almost like the relay race of life--my GRANDPA passed the knowledge to my DAD, and my dad passed it to me and now I have this opportunity to pass this knowledge on to the people that I come in contact with.


When i found out he passed, I was a little sad, but mostly I realized that this is exactly what I teach the people here everyday. I teach about this góspel and how we can live with our families forever and he was able to receive this góspel and my heart is at peace.

It was really interesting because that next day after he died, multiple times in the day, people told me things that really helped me, and nobody knew that he had died. One of the miembros here told me things that really shocked me because it was exactly what I needed to hear and I know that God was there for me through these people.

This Saturday I baptized a lady named Marta. I met Marta when I first got here and I have been working with her this whole time! We really have become good friends. She told me that this is the first time in her life that she has ever felt like anyone has ever supported her. Wow, I felt so lucky to able to give her that support she needed. She asked me to baptize her and it was amazing. So espiritual, wow! When I was in the wáter with her, I could feel my grandpa with me in this momento. I know he has been serving with me this week and he will be there with me for the rest of my misión. We also baptized Ceasar this week and it was also amazing. 

This góspel is real. I really have seen the power that it was has to change lives.

Big shout out to my dad, BIG Al. It  was his birthday yesterday! I love you dad!

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!! 


from Elder Zachary BOYD Frampton

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