Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MTC Week Three

Hey, I know, three weeks! Crazy huh? But it has gone by so fast, it so weird. I'm really enjoying it here and learning to love everything about it! The language is hard . . . I feel behind my whole district and I got really frustrated with myself because of it one day, but then I quickly realized that it's only been three weeks and I need to relax and have fun with it. 
This week has been really spiritual as well. I got to hear a talk from Elder Holland and it was life changing. I feel like I'm really starting to find a specific purpose in my life now and it's awesome. I'm learning what my strengths and my weaknesses are and I love both of them. I love working hard again, and I've really learned to love the scriptures and reading them and searching them. Its like my favorite part of the day! And I had a really cool experience this week--I got to give one of the sisters in my district a blessing and it was an amazing experience. I felt the spirit really strong!! Also it was Mexico Independence day and it was so cool to see their culture and dancing and music and fireworks. I really love the culture. 
I've had a really good week and I'm excited for the next one! love you guys.
Elder Frampton

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