Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey mom and dad!!!!! How are you guys doing!!!??? Thanks for the support!! I love you guys!!!  I'm doing really good here.  My Spanish is coming! WOW, what an incredible week here in THE PARTE ALTE!!!! YEP, I STAYED. LESSSSS GOOOO!! I'm so pumped to stay here with my family here!! Also I got a new companion! He is from Utah and is name Elder Henderson! HE is AWESOME! He is literally the nicest guy I have ever met in the whole world! It's crazy. He is really cool, and I'm really pumped for this change with him! 
Little update on our investigators. So the pirate that I was telling you guys about came to church yesterday with his two sons!!!!!!! LAND HOOOOOO!!! Yep, he sailed his ship straight into the church, baby! And he really liked it. I think we are going to baptize his son so I'm super excited about that! This week we had family home evening with a family in the ward and it went super good and one of the daughter's in the family brought her friend and she loved the family home evening and so we have been teaching her. She is so awesome. Her name is Chrissann and she is 11. She's really sweet! But, ya we are having a lot of success and I'm really grateful. Because my companion left I am having to lead and its kind of hard because I'm still trying to understand the language, but I kind of like it and my Spanish is a lot better. It's weird, like this week I have felt like my Spanish has improved a ton and I'm excited about that!

Oh also this week I had intercambios, which is when you exchange with a different companion from your district, so I have had three companions this week! I was with this Argentine Elder and it was one of the funniest days of the mission. He was soo funny!!! He is like me but he can speak Spanish a little better! ha ha I'm still funny as you probably noticed. But ya, guess what else? I'm starting an English class in Parte Alta! ha ha ha Serious though, I got it approved by the bishop and everything! so Wednesday at 8 we teach whoever wants to learn English--members and nonmembers, everybody! I think it will be a great way to get people to the church and meet the members and stuff! Oh and also every Monday I am starting a huge soccer game here because we have p-day so I am trying to organize this a big soccer game with all the kids here to have fun and introduce them to the gospel through soccer! I'll let you know how it goes next week!

Nothing to funny happened this week, except I stepped in a lot of dog poo . . . ya it was weird how many times it happened this week! but other then that nothing much!

This week I have just been thinking about all the different people I have met so far in my mission and it's so cool to get to know them. Every single person is so different in their own special way, but I notice that they all need Jesus Christ in their life! lt doesn't matter if you're black, white, blue, green, red, Chilean, pirate, or if you have a lot of money or not. Whatever the case is EVERYONE needs Christ! THE WORLD IS CONNECTED THROUGH HIM! I'm really grateful to be able to bring them the message of Christ!

Have an amazing week!! 

ELDER Frampton

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