Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey mom and dad, thanks for all the support and love. 

My week was another great week! I can't believe that it was my last week at the MTC. It seriously feels like I'm leaving my family again. It's crazy! I met so many amazing people and had some amazing experiences in these last six weeks. How has it only been six weeks?  My life has been changed already. I can't imagine what Chile has in store for me. I honestly cant wait!

This week I met the sickest Latino. It was so weird, like we instantly became best friends and we only knew each other for one week and and we could hardly talk to each other because I can't speak Spanish yet. I told him that after the mission we will have a reunion here in mexico and we will talk about everything. He told me that I need to work on my Spanish because in Chile they talk super fast and really broken. He also said to watch out for the Chilean girls.  lol

This week I got in my  last couple of games of cage soccer and dunk ball, which was way sad. We also had a chess tournament with our district, which was fun, and we had our final "socks and garments journal writing session." You can guess what that is all about.  Then for the last night here we had a huge slumber party in my house with all the districts. Everyone brought over their mattresses and had a slumber. It was so tight!!!! such a fun night!! 

Highlight of the week was for sure General Conference. This was probably the first time I watched all the sessions and took notes and stuff and WOW! seriously, I loved every second of it. It was a perfect way to end the week! 

I am a little scared to go to Chile today because I don't know much Spanish and I'm getting a new companion and everything. This is the real deal I guess. Real investigators and everything. That's kinda scary, but I know I'll be fine with the Lord on my side! i can't wait to get to my new home! 


I did see Grant singing at the Priesthood session of conference, and I got super pumped! I miss all my friends and stuff, but dang, I miss singing and dancing and watching The Office with my bros more than anything. I think about Wyatt and Garrett more than anyone. I miss them every day. 

I love you guys and I'll tell you all about Chile when i get there

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