Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Force

Hola! Elder Frampton here.  How is it going everyone? I miss all of you guys! I hope everything is doing way good at home. I' doing super good here in the Parte Alta with my son! It's crazy that he is growing up so fast and guess what????? WEEE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK AND MY SON GOT TO BAPTISM HER!! YAAAA This was a great Sunday. We had the baptism of Elizabeth and it was amazing, I've never seen a more beautiful sight than seeing my son and Elizabeth in the water together. It was truly amazing. It's weird how that works, like I was so proud and happy to see him progress in his mission. It helps me grow too.  Lessss goooo! It got me excited to be a real dad someday and see my kid's progress in this life like my son is doing in the mission! 

It was a great week this week! I had a cool experience the other day. We were supposed to have lunch in a member's house and usually what happens is that when you have lunch with a member you always plan to visit the people that live in the area so we planned our day around this area where the members live, right? But right before lunch they  told us that they couldn't do it and so everything we planned fell through.  We didn't really know what to do so we said a pray and  went to the opposite side of Parte Alta than we had planned, and we found this awesome woman who was so ready to receive the gospel. It was amazing! It was cool to see God's hand in our work.

The only thing that was kinda lame this week is that the USA lost to Chile in soccer hahahhahahaha so all the Chileans gave me a ton of crap hahahahhaha but it was funny! 

Oh, funny story. Well more frustrating than funny.  I'm not sure what happened but there are these cats that have started a war with us. These cats live on our neighbor's roof and they have been trying to climb over to our house! THAT AIN'T HAPPENIN' ON MY WATCH so I bought this super soaker and I have been blasting it whenever they try to come in my house! ha ha h aha So that's  kinda fun! Full out war here in Chile.  Missionaries verses cats! 

I'm loving the mission! Trying to enjoy all of it every second because it's flying by! 

But chao chao from ELDER NINJA TURTLE


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