Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Great Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatttttttsssssssssss upppppp!

How is everyone doing? I'm doing super good!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had another great week this week! It's freakin' crazy how fast the weeks go by. It's so weird! Time is flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ok let's see . . . what happened this week? Oh, first things first.  If you guys have been reading my letters you know that my favorite dogs out of all the dogs of Parte Alta are snuggles and cuddles. Obviously they don't have anything on Lulu, my dog at home, but they had PUPPIES. WOAHHHHHHH! Ya, right now I'm trying to think of solid names for them so if you guys have any idea let me know! 

And I have a question. Sooo is there a new MAROON 5 song out? I think I heard a new song by them when I was walking in the streets. If there is I need to at least know the name so when I come home I can listen to it!

Oh, I don't know if I told you but I met the first member of Chile, and the crazy thing  is that her husband isn't a member so we started teaching the husband of the first member of the church in Chile. I've never taught someone soooo difficult ha ha ha He is so awesome, but is super closed off to the church. ha ha But we are going to get him! 

We also had another Baptism on Sunday! His name is Adi. He reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger. He thinks he;s super funny ha ha ha No, I guess he is more like my little bro! It was a cool baptism! 

Also I have a cool story with Elizabeth who was baptized on Sunday also. she shared her testimony in the church and she said that the day we found her, she was locked out of he house and so she was waiting for her sister to come back with the keys. She went on to say that she knew that God sent the missionaries to find her because when she was waiting outside her house is when we found her! So that was way cool to hear! It's amazing how God works!

Funny story. So we were teaching this lady who couldn't hear very well, and so when we ended with a prayer, I said "amen" but she didn't hear it, so like we opened our eyes and she was still in prayer mode and so we wanted to see how long she would be in prayer mode so we waited for a little--probably could've read the Book of Mormon, but we had to go, so finally we yelled "AMEN" again so she could hear it. The funniest part is that she opened her eyes and said it was a great prayer! ha ha ha ha ha I love the mission!

But ya, it was another great week! We have transfers this week so we will see what happens with that! But I love you guys. 

Have an amazing week!

Elder Frampton

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