Monday, February 16, 2015


Hola!!! How is everyone doing? Another great week here in the Parte Alta! YA, I STAYED here for another change so I'll have six months here!!!! How crazy is that? I know, I cant believe it, but I'm way pumped to stay here. I know that I've got work to do here! 

Not a lot happened this week! We started off the week with a Zone Conference which was unreal! I really love my zone leaders who are in my district so that was sweet! I can really see that all my leaders have been called by God. I have a some new missionaries in my district and they are super cool! MY SON ALSO STAYED, so ya we are still together, which is great. We are going to have another great transfer together!! 

Not a lot happened this week . . . let's see, I visited the pirate ship of ENRIQUE  (MY PIrate) ha ha ha That happened!!! 

 What else? Ohhh, for one of the lunches that we had this week I ate like half of a watermelon hahaha! 

Actually we ate quite a bit this week.

Look how buff my calves are. ha ha ha

Ya, not much happened! OH I'M GOING TO VINA DEL MAR this Friday for a meeting with the district leaders! I'm excited to finally see Vina a little more ha ha  

Other than that I'm doing really well! I am having a lot of fun and feeling the spirit and just loving all of the mission!!

I want to share this scripture with you guys! DC 121 7 y 8

Love you guys! have a great week! 

Elder Frampton

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