Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lose yourself, find yourself. (And take out the trash)

Heyyyy, whattttt up guys!!?? Frampdaddy here.

I'm doing really good here! I feel way good! I don't have any time to rest here guys! I'm always doing something, it's crazy! Like the only time I have to rest is when I'm teaching! It's almost like basketball. You have to rest on offense but not defense.

I had another good week here in Chile, Parte Alta with my cute comp from Brazil. ha ha We are doing great and I'm proud of my son! He is progressing so much! It is fun to see. It's fun to be a dad, ha ha especially when your son is older then you! But ya, it was a good week. I feel good, I'm kinda tired, but I'm about to sleep with I get home! BOUT TO NAP IT WAY HARD. ha ha I miss talking like that! They don't have that kinda of talk here. They do have this "sacar la mugre" which is like trash talk. Direct translation means to take out the trash!!! ha ha ha so I learned that this week!

For me right now I feel like I am really starting to forget about myself and what I want in this world because right now I don't have any time to think about myself, and to be honest I never felt happier in my life. I know it is true that when we truly forget about ourselves, we find ourselves.

We had an earthquake here this week. It was funny because me and my comp were on our knees praying and then right after we said amen the ground started shaking. The church is true ha ha ha ha! 

On a sad note, this week I found out that Brian ended up dying. I stopped by his house to talk with the family and to see how they are doing and I shared the message of the plan of salvation with them. It was a really spiritual experience. I think it helped them a lot at such a hard time. It is really sad to see the family like that without the knowledge of the gospel. Thanks for all the people that prayed for Brian this week and his family. He was a great kid, and in he short time that I knew him, he had an impact on my life! We know he is in a better place and please continue to pray for he and his family.

I love you guys! Have a great week! Wish me luck, I'm about to get a haircut!

Elder sack (because they dont have Z's here) Frampton

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