Monday, January 5, 2015


Hey family, 

How are you guys doing with the death of Gigi? I found out today about it. The president called me today to tell me! It's crazy. I was shocked! Another death already? It's weird how it has all happened while I'm on my mission! But mom, thanks for your letter. It really helped me a lot this week, and those stories are amazing. I love the stories and I LOVE THE ONE when Papa said he was going to teach the Chileans the gospel. I really think its true that there are people preparing the people that I am teaching here. Thanks for that mom. 

This week has been absolutely crazy for me. I have been called to be a district leader and also my companion is from Brazil and he is brand new so I am training him. It is crazy because I just finished my training and I still can't communicate, so it's nuts that I'm a trainer and a district leader. 

Just a lot of changes here. And then today I found out that Gigi died, and I also found out that Cassidy is dating someone else, so ya, a ton of changes this week. But it's all good. It's really giving me the opportunity to grow and become  better person and become closer to my Heavenly Father and really put all my trust in him. 

I just want to say thanks for your support in my life and especially right now because I can really feel your prayers. Thanks for that. 

I love you guys like crazy!

Elder Frampton 

My boy Ignacio wants to be a missionary.

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