Monday, January 19, 2015

I know how if feels to be a mom . . .


Wow, another amazing week here in Chile! Ya, I'm doing super good here. Me and my comp are doing great. We had a great week here. Jasmin's baptism was on Sunday, which was so amazing. Such a beautiful baptism and she was so cute. She was so excited for it and it was her birthday too, so it was even better! I got to baptize her and the spirit was so strong. I can't really describe it. She said something so cute. She said "Elder Frampton, I'm never going to forget this day!" How sweet! 

Also I had some amazing lessons this week with some of my investigators. I've really been feeling the spirit this week and this is really cool because a lot of investigators are really opening up to us and sharing their personal feelings and it is so cool getting know people for who they really are.

Oh, ya, I've been double-dutching a little. I made friends with this group of kids who like to jump rope so I have been doing a little but of that. You can call me Corbin Bleu.

I've been so tired this week with all this leader stuff and training and baptisms. Like I have to do a ton of stuff and for the first time in my life I can honestly say that I think i know how it feels to be a mom. Like that's how much stuff I had going on this week. ha ha It was at that level.

Everything went good this week except one thing. One of my friends here shot himself this week.  His name is Brian. He is one of my buds here and if you guys could pray for him it would be great. He is in a coma right now. This is crazy. It happened as I was walking past his friends and where he was when he did it so I was there when the ambulance pulled up and everything. The crazy part was that I knew where he lived and they couldn't get a hold of his family so thy asked me to tell his family what happened, which was really hard to do. Even crazier was that the day before this happened I passed by his house to say hi, which is rare because i didn't pass his house for a long time because he wasn't progressing and wasn't ever home. But I passed by the day before and he was drinking with a bunch his buddies and he told me to leave and told me to get away. But for some reason I told him that I loved him before I left and my comp told him the God loves him and then we left. Please pray for Brian!

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Frampton

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  1. That's my niece -- second from left in the picture! YAY!! Hermana Hansen!