Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Butt Touch Story

Heyyyyyy family!!! 

First things first. We had a baptism:

Howzit going? It was sooooo gooood to hear from you guys yesterday and to hear you voices again!!!!! It was way funnnnnn!! I know I told you that I never have any time, but I will try to at least fit in one funny story a week! That's my new goal now. At least one funny story a week!! 

The story that I want to tell this week happened to me last Saturday! Okay, ready?

Sooooooo, me and my comp were teaching this lady and we were super pumped because we had passed by her house but she hadn't been there, and this was the first time we were able to talk to her and teach her. SOOOO, as we set up for the lesson and said the pray we soon realized that she had a daughter that was absolutely out of control! Like I have been in lessons where the kids are running around screaming and crazy and where only one of us teaches and the other plays with the kids.  Like I've had those lessons and they are crazy, but it was nothing compared to what happened with this diablo nina.jajajajaja! 

So we started the lesson and the next thing I know this little girl is sucking on my thumb, which was a bit of a surprise, but I was like ok, whatever and kept teaching. After 5 min of that she had stolen my bags, my name tag, my pens and pretty much everything that I had,  so i sent her to go attack my comp so that I could teach. Throughout this whole lesson we were just sending this little girl back and forth between us and we took turns teaching. She gradually increased in aggressiveness
as she started kissing ours ears and cheeks and ripping out my hair. 

And worst of all, SHE THE STARTED TOUCHING OUR BUTTS! jajaja 

YEPPPP she tried to put her finger in our butts. Just imagine us trying to teach and keep a straight face and feel the spirit through this lesson.  But we got it done! Lesss gooo!!! 

And that is the butt touch story. 

And now for some photos. Happy Birthday Mom!  

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