Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mountains to Climb and Living with Purpose

Heyyyyyy family!!!!!! How is everything going?  I'm sorry I haven't been able to write a lot because I honestly haven't had any time. It's crazy! I'm just straight booked, and I only get like an hour and a half every day. It's terrible! But I'm sorry.  Forgive me. At least we get to talk in a week!!!!!!!

Sooooo, Tatum will be home here soon. How do you guys feel? 

I cant believe Wyatt hasn't been to school for three and a half weeks, but I'm glad he is feeling better now! Are you guys still reading the Book of Mormon? I have a video for Wyatt to watch and a talk that Garrett needs to listen to! The video is called Mountains to Climb It's a Mormon Message. And Garrett, read the talk from Randle Ridd about Living with Purpose: The Importance of Real Intent! I love it!

I'm doing great. It's sooo hard to just tell a  great story over email but I'm going to think of things to tell you guys when I talk to you this Sunday. But guys I' doing sooo goood! I'm honestly loving every second of the mission! We had the meeting with  all the lider de zona and tomorrow we have a zona meeting and I'm excited for that! Everything else is way good! 

I think I'm going to "kill" my comp, which means I'm going to be with him when he ends his mission!  ha ha 

I love you guys. I'm sorry I've had zero time to write but I'm sooo pumped to see you guys this Sunday!

Have a great week!

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