Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference, Zone Conference, and Ping Pong

Hey family, 

Thanks for all the letters it really means the world to me to read your letters and know that my family is always there for me. This week I really felt and learned about the importance of the family as I listened to the prophet and the apostles speak and testify about the family. I had a great conference experience once again, and I am very grateful because I was able to receive many answers to my question through the Holy Ghost. 

We also had a zone conference here with the president of the mission and the assistants, and it was fun to see the president again and my old companions, but it was good to be on the other side. I got to listen and watch and not be too stressed trying to do everything and be in charge of everything. ha ha ha. But the president was so nice. He brought me a gift  too. I learned a lot at that zone conference about the calling that we have as missionaries and the power and responsibility that it brings.  

This week I think I got  a bit overwhelmed thinking about all the decisions that I have to make so soon in my like, but it was great to feel the holy spirit and hear the prophet, and I felt calm knowing that I will make good decisions as I strive to keep the commandments. 

Ana came to Conference.  She is too great.  She is like my bestie even though she is 82 years old! ha ha And also her friends came to church too, so that was awesome. We are teaching a great family right now that are progressing very well. There are five people in the family and they want to get to know the church. Lesss gooo! We are seeing miracles here in our sector! We are still going strong with the English classes which has helped us a lot to find people to teach. That has really been a big blessing to us! I know why God sent me to this small branch here in Chile and it is because I need to bring families and more youth to the branch. We have been doing everything to find more youth--playing basketball and soccer and ping pong and trying anything and everything to help the people here come unto Christ! 

This week was awesome. I feel really blessed to know the gospel. I have had a great experience teaching of Jesus Christ this week too! I'm learning a lot and having a lot of fun and just enjoying the mission! I feel powerful in the sense that i know I can help people because of this calling that I have! I have given a lot of blessings this week to many people, and I'm learning  a lot about how the spirit inspires in each blessing!

 But really family, I'm grateful for all the support and love! I love you guys. Know that I pray for you guys always. 

Have  a great week!

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