Monday, August 17, 2015

Doing my thing in the Lord's way

Heyyyyyyy, I'm back, baby! Still kickin' it here in Valpo! I'm about to fill you in on how the week here in the mission is going. 

Soooo, first off WE HAD A FREAKIN' BAPTISM THIS WEEK, and it was freakin' awesome! His name is Alexander and he is such a cool kid. He is like my best friend he is Chile. Seriously! He is like my little bro, and he is super funny. 

We had his baptism and I've never seen someone so excited. He dove in that font and he would not get out of the font after the baptism. He just wanted to swim in there. He was was like splashing around after the baptism with all the members watching. I had to drag him out of the font ha ha It was too funny. 

And the best part about the baptism was afterwards when he gave his testimony. It was so cute because he got up there and talked about how when the Elders came to his house he was getting really bad grades and he was going to have to repeat that school year. When he started to go to church his grades got a lot better and now he doesn't  have to repeat. It is something so simple but it is so true! I loved it so much. His grand mom was crying and it was just an awesome service!

Also, we had a zone conference and it went really well. I was super sick again this week, but I'm better now.  The assistants came too so I was a bit nervous with them there, but it turned out way good and my zone is great! I'm really enjoying helping other missionaries! Oh, and I  met a missionary this week that knows Tyson. How cool is that?  

I don't have to much time left. Only a year left in the mission. But I finally found out the trick to save time and I'll share it with you next week! 

I'm doing super good! just working super hard and loving the mission. Doing my thing in the Lord's way. 

Love you guys! Have a great week! 

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